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Displays in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame are rotated and updated regularly to showcase the museum’s comprehensive collection which you can explore further online here.

 Explore our current displays on your next visit.

  • Behind the Scenes:
    Highlighting the work done by numerous Volunteers over the years at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame and during the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival. See examples of festival shirts and hats worn by past Volunteers.
  • Something for Everyone:
    Something for everyone looks at the way that the Tamworth Country Music Festival provides a wide range of entertainment options for everyone. Whilst also looking at some of the work done in the background.
  • First Nations People & Country Music:
    Country Music has played a role in the way First Nations artists have been able to tell their stories most especially to a mainstream audience. This display looks at several of these artists and their own stories.
  • Busking:
    The Tamworth Country Music Festival wouldn’t be what it is without it’s buskers. Come and see one of the most iconic busking set-ups, that of Rodney Walkers ‘One Man Band’.
  • Studios and Recording:
    In 1972, Hadley Studios recorded its first national and international hit “Redback on the Toilet Seat” featuring Slim Newton. View equipment from the original studios in this display.
  • Hats & Boots:
    Check out the wide range of cowboy hat and boot styles that have been worn by performers over the year. Stemming from a practical route these boots and hats have become a staple to both Country Music performers and fans dress.
  • Traveling All Over the Countryside:
    Travelling to remote and regional parts of Australia was a formative part of many well known Country Music artists careers. See two of our travellers Buddy Williams and Lindsay Butler dressed and ready to perfrom.
  • It’s a Family Affair:
    Musical talent can often run in the family and we see this with the Blanch and Pitt families.
  • Other Lives:
    Many Country Music artists aren’t only talented performers, many also have other lives that add to their charm. Tex Morton was a hypnotist and Brain Letton was a harness racer come and see who else had other aspects to their lives.