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Displays in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame are rotated and updated regularly to showcase the museum’s comprehensive collection which you can explore further online here.

 Explore our current displays on your next visit.

The Stage:
Highlighting the early era of Australian Country Music when artists like Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Larry Dulhunty, Buddy Williams, Slim Dusty and Brian Young would travel across the country to perform at town hall venues.

The Dawson Chair:
Smoky Dawson created, patented and marketed the Dawson Chair, an electronically-operated recliner. This display showcases the chair Smoky Dawson had re-upholstered for his wife Dot, to match their lounge room.

Children of Country Music:
Telling the stories of prodigies including Jewel Blanch, Rocky Cameron, Anne Kirkpatrick and Jacqueline Hall, see the costumes and discover the incredible stories of the genre’s pint-sized stars.

First Ladies of Country Music:
The 1940s produced some of the genre’s most well-known and best-loved female stars, including Shirley Thoms, June Holmes and Lily Conners who made their names entertaining troops during WWII. Delight in the intricacy of their costumes on display.

Tex Morton’s School Reports:
Before he found his calling, Tex Morton was just another student wishing the school day away. Discover the transition from poor student to international star and all-rounder in this display.

1971 Hadley Studio:
In 1972, Hadley Studios recorded its first national and international hit “Redback on the Toilet Seat” featuring Slim Newton. View equipment from the original studios in this display.

Radio Transcriptions:
The mother matrix to the first episode of the legendary radio serial Dad and Dave was recorded on 12 April, 1937. See the metal record, signed by the entire cast.