LES Partell 2014

1930 – Born Leslie John Partell on the 2nd of July in Sydney. The family moved to Mendooran in central west NSW and then to Clifton Hills in Melbourne.

Les received early guitar lessons from Clive Beeton before joining the Victorian Banjo Club.

Les worked a lot on the ABC, 3XY and 3UZ and other stations around the state.

1947 – Entered Australia’s Amateur Hour and ran third. After this Les commenced writing his own material.

Made dozens of custom recordings on “Elrae Records” which were distributed to radio stations.

With Allan Hawking, Bill Earle and Jack Johnson formed the “Trailblazers” which could have been the first fully professional country music show in Australia.

1954 – Travelled to Sydney to try for a recording contract. Recorded his first single on Regal Zonophone- “Hitting the Hobo” and “Homeward Bound”. Became involved in the Sydney country music scene, which included taking over the 2SM radio breakfast show.

Moved his family to Sydney from Melbourne.

1956 – Put down 4 sides for the Rodeo label. Returned to Melbourne where he organised his own shows.

Recorded on the “Round-Up” Label (a subsidiary of the Spotlight label).

Performed with Rocky Page as the “Whitman Brothers”.

1959 – Travelled to Queensland and joined up with the Chad Morgan show which featured Chad, Trevor Day, Peter Mollerson, Kit Evans and Wally McQuaker.

1960 – Worked with 3SR Harmony Trail doing radio, live shows and television work.

1961 – Joined the Rick and Thel Carey Show which included Paul Lester, Joe Gilmour, Ray Kernaghan and Johnny Heap.

During his career he recorded on many labels and scored a gold record with "Song and Dance Man" for the Bullet label. He toured the country with many shows including Chad Morgan and Rick & Thel etc. He appeared on many live radio shows including the well known “Bonnington Bunkhouse Show”, Ted Quigg and “Harmony Trail”.

1979 - Received the prestigious "Living Legends" Award and inducted into the "Hands of Fame".

Akubra honoured Les by naming a hat "The Mate" after his Akubra Hat song.

1994 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2014 – Elevated to the Roll Of Renown in Tamworth.

Les’s career has spanned nearly 70 years of involvement in the writing, performing, recording and broadcasting of country music from his early days in the Victorian banjo club, his contribution to the early acetate recordings.

He co-founded the Australian Country Music guild and instigated the ‘Living Legends’ Awards and has been a guest broadcaster of country music for the ABC for more than 30 years.