Phil Emmanuel

1952 – Born on the 6th of July.

Born into a musical family, Phil and his younger brother Tommy were considered child prodigies.

1960 -1966 - By the age of 9, he was already working as a professional musician in the family band, variously named The Emmanuel Quartet, The Midget Surfaries and The Trailblazers. Phil played lead and Tommy played rhythm guitar, along with their brother Chris on drums and their sister Virginia on slide guitar. The Emmanuel siblings earned the family's sole income for several years.

After his father died, the Emmanuel family was approached by Australian country music star Buddy Williams, who took them on the road until they were forced by the Australian child welfare department to stop travelling. The children were then sent to a regular school. Emmanuel's first brush with fame came when The Trailblazers won two televised talent contests and were able to produce an album.

Phil’s musical roots stem back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and his style has largely been defined by the classic guitar sounds of this era. His preference for the “instrumental tunes that defined the sound of the electric guitar when it was a new instrument”. Phil has always been renowned for performing powerful, challenging material, ranging from classical ballads such as Sultans Of Swing to spine-tingling, amazingly fast and furious pieces by Bach and Mozart.

After seven odd years working solo, Phil finally formed his own band, something which had taken a while because of the lack of availability of seasoned professional musicians.

Phil and his band play a wide range of guitar oriented music ranging from their own interpretation of Chariots Of Fire to Santana's Black Magic Woman plus a bit of country, rock, classical to ballads. Their target audience age is 18 to 80 so there is something for all ages, plus a lot of pieces most bands anywhere in the world would not even attempt.

1992 – Released “Kakadu Sunrise”.

1994 – Released Phil and Tommy Emmanual “Terra Firma”.

1999 – Released “In The Shadow of the Beatles” Vol.1.

2000 - Performed at the Closing Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics with brother Tommy, INXS, VANESSA AMOROSI, SAVAGE GARDEN and MIDNIGHT OIL.

2000 - Invited to headline ISSENDEN, the worlds’ largest guitar festival. Following this he set off on a brief tour of Europe before heading home for a tour of outback Queensland.

2001 - Release of new material in the form of the five track EP “The Miracle” which includes two tracks by his inspiration – The Shadows. The EP has been received with critical acclaim, and completes the ‘trio’ of Phil’s works with a track ‘Blue Angel’ which will also appear on his next CD “EGP – Electric Guitar Player” which is due for release late 2002.

2002 - Touring around the Country with great success solo “Tribute To The Shadows”.

He was also guest performer at the Frankston International Guitar Festival in March playing before thousands of guests and hosting two Clinics filled to the brim with eager fans. The Festival also gave Phil the opportunity to showcase ‘Blue Angel’ – a guitar he assisted Luthier Ray Berketa of Berketa Guitars to build.

2002 - April and May toured in Italy, and Kuala Lumper where he performed with younger brother Tommy in a showcase event to literally thousands of fans.

2003 – Released “Electric Guitar Player”

2008 - People’s Choice Awards – Musician of the Year.

2011 - Undertook a reunion tour with his brother Phil.
With brother Phil elevated to the Roll of Renown.

2012 – April. Inducted into Tasmania's Axeman’s Wall of Fame in Latrobe, alongside fellow artists Jean Stafford, Phil Emmanuel and Wayne Horsburgh.