Slim Newton

1932 - Born Ralph Ernest Newton on October 22nd in Perth.

1945 – Age 15 he began in music by playing the ukulele and the Hawaiian Steel guitar with Frank Tozer. 

1954 - His first tour took place in Western Australia with the late Tim McNamara.

1955 – Took his own road tour from Perth to Brisbane travelling through Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

1956 - He joined Jack Gill's Rodeo for a short tour.

1957 - Moving to Punchbowl (Sydney) Slim went on to win two talent quests at the Cumberland Hotel in Bankstown (these quests were run by Reg Lindsay). These wins helped him to appear on the Reg Lindsay Show, radio and at pubs and other live venues. Meeting many top artists of the time, among which was Rick and Thel Carey who recorded Slims first recorded original "You Can Say That Again".

 1958 - After marrying a Sydney girl in September he moved back to Perth and formed a successful duo with Mick Kodra, they were known as the Maverics. The Maverics appeared on TV as well as radio and was well received at pubs, clubs and social functions. Slim went on to form the trio The Westlanders with Jack Busber and Jimmie Nunn.

1959 – Rick and Thel recorded Slim’s song “You Can Say That Again”. They recorde more of Slim’s material on later albums.

1971 - Slim moved to Tamworth New South Wales where on Sunday October 24th 1971 Hadley Studios Tamworth put down "Redback On The Toilet Seat" which went No. 1 nationally in July 1972. The EP passed the 100,000 sales before being deleted on 8th June 1978. It was rerecorded by many including Rex Franklin in New Zealand and the rock group Brownsville Station in the United States of America.

1972 - Slim do a small tour with the late Tex Morton. October saw Slim back in Tamworth to promote his second record "How Did the Redback Die?" in which he recorded two different versions of the demise of his creepy crawly friend.   It is not generally remembered that with practically no radio exposure at all, this record sold 17,000 copies - half way to gold record status!

During that month, "Redback" passed the 60,000 sales mark and Slim had earned his second gold record.

1973 - Toured with the Rick and Thel Show visiting most of main land Australia, Tasmania and the surrounding islands.

 After the success of "The Redback On The Toilet Seat" Hadley Records put down five L.P.'s, several E.P.'s and a couple of singles for Slim.  ENREC Recording Studios then released the album "For Old Times Sake".

1973 – Golden Guitar for Top Selling Record with “Redback on the Toilet Seat”, it went on to earn three gold records. Today it still holds the accreditation of being the only song recorded in Tamworth to make gold record sales. The Australian Commonwealth Film Unit approached Hadley Records and Yeldah Music for approval to use the song as background for a film on "The Population Drift to the City" for world release.  

1977 - Inducted into the Australasian Country Music Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1984 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1997 - Slim was presented with the Living Legend Award at the Kempsey Country Music Festival.        

1993 - Slim recorded "There's A Lady Who's Crying Tonight" at the ENREC Recording Studios, a three track cassette that's title track at the time was dedicated to Lorretta Lynn and the late Conway Twitty.

 Steve Newton of ENREC Recording Studio produced a fourteen track album for Slim next that was titled "Momma Your Guitar's Come Back Home". It was released on the Larrikin label through Festival Records on both cassette and C.D.

 Slim's next album "It's Me Past And Present" includes two duets with Mary Holdom, an original recording of "The Redback On The Toilet Seat" and eleven songs previously unrecorded. The album was again produced by Steve at ENREC but this time was released on Dingo Track Records.

1999 – Slim was presented the TIARA Pioneer Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

 2004 – Slim was presented the T.S.A Song Maker Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

2005 - While on tour with the Tamworth on Parade Show at the Hexham Bowling Slim was presented with the National Tribute Award acknowledging his contribution to the Australian Country Music Industry.

2006 - Slim went back to the recording studio and put down the album "Bush Ballads to Bulldust" again produced at ENREC by Steve Newton. This twelve track album was released with Dingo Track Records.

 2008 – Slim was inducted to the "Wall Of Fame" at LBS Recording Studios Tamworth during the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

2009 – Elevated to the Roll of Renown.