Rex Dallas

1938 - Born 6 November, Frederick Amos Doble in Wallerawang, a small mining town near Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.   Like many a country boy before him, Rex began his career as an entertainer at local dances, and made his first radio appearance at the age of sixteen.

In his childhood, he would rise early to listen to the 5.30am programme "Hillbilly Trail" on the old home town radio station, 2LT Lithgow. Later he was to co-host this programme with his old radio announcer mate, Jack Griffith.  

1950’s –1960’s – Appeared on the Lee Gordon Shows.

1954 - Traveled to Sydney after hearing about the Cowboy Shows being presented down there.  Worked at Sutton’s Music Store. Tried out for Australian Amateur Hour but did not get anywhere but did receive his “first fan mail!” Co-hosted a 15 minute radio show in Lithgow.  Played on the Australia’s Amateur Hour, dance hall shows and with Buster Noble.  Co-hosted radio show “On the Trail” on radio 2SM and a Sunday show on 2KS at Katoomba.  Lasted two years.

1956 - Wins the Reg Lindsay Talent Quest in Bankstown, Sydney. Performed with the Ted Quigg Shows and hotels in and around Sydney. 

1956 – Wrote “Yodelling Cowboy Joe”.

1957 - Recorded an unreleased 78 at Harmony House in Sydney.

1958 – March, headed to the Riverina for the shearing sheds, in April returned to Sydney and formed a partnership with Trevor Day and the All States Road Show. Rejoined Ted Quigg. and remained for 18 years. The hall shows included, The Pioneer Hall, Wollongong, Union Theatre, Lithgow, School of Arts, Nowra, Showground Hall, Wauchope, Town Hall, Parramatta.

1950’s (mid) -1960’s – Rock ‘N’ Roll starts to affect the Country Music Scene.

1959 – Col Joye introduces Rex to Brian Henderson of Bandstand.  Was asked not to sing “Hillbilly” Rex sings a rocked up version of Webb Pierce’s hit “I Ain’t Never”. Has three appearances on Bandstand and was the only artist to yodel on the show. Recorded the hit song” Bicycle Wreck” for EMI after good reception when sang on Bandstand.

1960 – Released “Bicycle Wreck” becomes a hit.

1961 – Went to Cooma with Bill Kelly with the offer of playing the Dodds Hotel this was the time the Snowy Mountain Scheme project began. Bill went back to Sydney.  Rex forms a trio and stays on for another 18 months or more 

1964 – Toured with Rick and Thel Carey (first tour). Met Johnny Heap and offers him a position at the Dodds Hotel, accepts offer. Johnny joins the band and Rex moves on.

1965 – Second tour with Rick and Thel for a further 10 months.  

1966 - Returned to Sydney teams up again with Bill Kelly and together with a five piece band “The Telstars” worked the hotel circuit.  Also toured briefly with Buddy Williams.

1967 – 1968 – Returned to Sydney once again and teams up again  with Ted Quigg.  Has spots on the ‘Rose and Crown, Sydney Tonight, Studio A and Country Style.

1968 – Third tour with Rick and Thel.

1971 – Wrote “Old Wallerawang” after Grandad “Pop” Smith died, he was a coal miner.

1972 - Decided to take his family out of Sydney. He took up an offer from Eric Scott of Hadley Records to record there and be part of Country Music Capital of Australia, Tamworth.  For the next eight years he was based in Tamworth, his time divided between recording, touring and club shows.  

1974 – First recording for Hadley with the novelty song “The Australian Hot Meat Pie” which becomes a hit throughout  Australia.

1975 – Records “Harry Torrani Yodelling Albums“ with Hadley.

1975 - Australasian Country Music Awards: Gold Guitar for Best EP Record - "Old Wallerawang".

1976 - Australasian Country Music awards: Gold Guitar for Best Male Vocal - "My Lancashire Yodelling Lass"

1977 - Inducted into the "Hands of Fame", Tamworth.

1980 - Moved to Fassifern, just outside of Newcastle." Does his first road show which covers all corners of Australia including the Aboriginal Settlements and Missions.

1981 thru to 1985 – Keeps up the road shows along with his family. Adrienne, looks after door sales and promotion and with his three sons, Brett-lead guitar – Colin, drums, Jeff on bass and youngest son Shannon who at this stage sways along to the country beat.  Along with family two other acts are included in the show each year.

1982 – Golden Guitar for APRA Song of the Year written by Rex and son Collin for “His Spurs are Rusty Now”.  Celebrates 25 years with the association with the Country Music Industry.  Novocastrian Awards: "Best Country Band"

1986 – With his contract with Hadley having expired he set up Briar Records and fulfilled a long time dream to record his songs on his own label."

1987 Novocastrian Awards: "Best Country Band"

 1988 Novocastrian Awards: "Best Country Band"

1989 - Purchased the property "Gully Park" in Moonbi. Here he set up a memorabilia tea room and entertainment complex from which he presented country music concerts during the Tamworth Country Music Festival."  

1992 –Golden Guitar Heritage Song of the Year for “The Western Man”

1997 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1999 – Builds a coalmine on his property called “The Western Man” after his 1992 Heritage Song of the Year.

2000 – Inducted into the Roll of Renown in Tamworth.

2001 - TSA Songwriter Tribute Award.

However, the words ‘never again’ should never be spoken by one so rich in talent and surrounded by a family steeped in the country music tradition. The temptation to record again was there from the moment he completed his so-called ‘farewell album’ 40 Years Down The Track.

Rex then decided to record a test CD in son Brett’s brand new studio and the result was the limited release CD Sunrise On The Outback, not released commercially, but a sell-out nevertheless, through his own label, Briar Records.

In his new, commercially released comeback album, Working Man, the ‘Boy from Old Wallerawang’ has created a solely family affair, with sons Brett, COLIN, JEFFREY and SHANNAN and grandchildren LINDSAY, ASHLEIGH, JESS, LUKE, JACK and JORDON contributing both vocally, instrumentally and technically. Even Rex’s lovely wife ADRIENNE contributes by taking the photographs for the album, making this an album involving three complete generations of one family unit.