Dusty RANKIN 1996

Dusty Rankin

1924 – Born Roger Hogan February 8th February, a few miles out of Birchip, Victoria

1940 – Age 16, starts writing songs.  First song “Little Log Cabin in the Plains.”

On one occasion in Melbourne, Dame Nellie Melba heard Roger Hogan sing, and praised the quality of his voice.

1943 – Age 19, Dusty learns to play guitar.  His technique came from a combination of studying chord charts on music sheets and watching Gene Autry movies. The old movies had close ups of Gene playing guitar which Dusty studied then copied.

1946 – Age 22, Dusty decided definitely on a music career.  He began with an appearance on “Australia’s Amateur Hour” and sang “Where the Murrumbidgee Wends its Way”.  He topped the poll and gained the foothold he needed in showbiz as a result.  But, before EMI would record him he was told to gain more experience and become a little more widely known. He did so with a year performing with “Skuthorpes Rodeo”

1948, Regal Zonophone recognised the potential of this enthusiastic young man, and using the now famous name of "Dusty Rankin," Roger Hogan's recording career began and prospered through the era of 78 rpm records. He cuts 6 sides with Regal Zonophone Label.  His recordings are a success.  One of the highest selling discs on Regal was “Tell Me Tonight that You Still Love Me”.

 Over the next 13 years he cut only 4 more sessions.

During the next few years, he travelled the road show circuit.

1953 – Third session he recorded a song by Mike Hawthorne.  The song “Currabubula” (a little village 30km from Tamworth).

1961 - Whilst touring with the Athol McCoy Show, decided to return to his farming property in Birchip, Victoria having made the difficult decision to set aside a full time musical career in favour of a close and happy family life which he has always felt should be a man's number one enterprise. It is also his last EMI session which included perhaps one of the best songs of its type ever written in Australia by ‘Eddie Tapp’ – “Come in Spinner”

1965 - In June, Dusty was persuaded to record for Hadley Records twelve songs that were to make up his first three extended play 45 vinyl records and subsequently a long play vinyl album.  

1970 - He recorded 24 songs with just his own dobro guitar accompaniment in his own home for Hadley. The recordings were returned to Tamworth, where backing was added in 1971 & 1973. These recordings were released on Hadley albums in 1971 and 1974.

1980 – Dusty put down songs with Selection Records.  Best selling song “Redwing”.  Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1985 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1988 - Dusty was presented with an "Australiana Golden Acoustic Guitar Bi-Centenary Award" acknowledging his contribution to Country Music, and he also appears in the "Avenue of Honour" in Berri, South Australia

1996 - Elevation to the "Roll of Renown" in January. The citizens of Birchip recognised Dusty's musical contribution to the town by erecting a plaque in Birchip's main street, Cumming Avenue.  

2015 - Passed away of September 22nd.