Stan Coster OAM 1990

Stan Coster

Stan’s songwriting ability was first used in 1956. He worked out he could write when wife Dorothy took ill and was hospitalized leaving Stan to look after the house and children, he would write his lyrics at the kitchen table in the still of the night.

 Being a true bushman Stan had the stories and hardships of the bush in his head and only had to relate them into lyric form so they could be sung. He had been a rodeo rider, stockman, miner, burr cutter, shed hand, shooter and slaughter man giving him the knowledge that would allow him to even put the stories of others to pen with the feel as if it had happened to him.      

 While Stan is best remembered as a songwriter by most those that knew him remember a singer / songwriter / bushman who became a legend in his own lifetime who was always a true gentleman where the ladies were concerned.

1930 - Born May 27 in Casino NSW.

1944 - Left school age 14 and worked for local butcher in Woolgoolga NSW.

1946 - Went sleeper cutting in the Wedding Bell Forest, Woolgoolga.

1948 - Worked on the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

1950 - Aged 20 joined a travelling rodeo as a rough rider.

1951 - Marries Dorothy Aileen Milton on January 24.

1952 - First child born Jayne Louise on April 6th.

1954 - Only son born Russell James on April 6th

1956 - Starts composing songs based on life experiences.

1960 - Stan meets Slim Dusty for the first time at Longreach, QLD, Slim invites Stan to come around next morning and sing a few of his songs- Stan fails to keep the appointment, due to getting tangled up with a few ringer mates at the pub.

1961 - Stan meets Slim for the second time in Rockhampton QLD, this time Stan makes the appointment and plays 2 of his original’s, “ Back to the “Saltbush Plains” & “Over the Hill”.

1962 - Slim Dusty records Stan’s first song “Return of the Stockman” Slim goes on to record another 70 of Stan’s songs.

1966 – Youngest child Tracy Leann was born on April 12th.

1977 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame Park in Tamworth. Golden Guitar for APRA Song of the Year with “Three Rivers Hotel” (It was recorded by Slim Dusty).

1978 - Ross Murphy record producer and owner of Opal Label convinced Stan to record his own material.

1979 - March 28 – 29 Records “My People” at Dubbo’s CM Studio’s.  Also tours with the Brian Young Show and is the first artist to appear on 2TM’s live country music show. Same year begins to tour with his wife Dot and daughter Tracy. Stan and his family move to Manilla just north of Tamworth in New South Wales.

1980 - Records songs “From a Wanderer’s Pen” at Hadley Studios Tamworth.

1982 - Returns to Hadley Studio’s to record “The Song Maker”. First ever artist to receive the “Inaugural Song Maker Award” Stan also records the “Wobbly Boot Hotel” on a single, it is his 100th original recorded song. He won the Tamworth Songwriters Association’s Songmaker Award.

1983 - May 12 records first LP “This Big Old Land” for Slims, Nulla Records at Honey Farm Studio, Terry Hills, Sydney. Stan also appears in the Slim Dusty Movie.

1984- Stan forms his own record label, “Gidgee Records”, and records his first Independent release, “Travelling my own Track”.

1987 - Awarded a Golden Guitar for APRA Song of the Year for “He’s a Good Bloke When He’s Sober”. South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1989 – Receives the Queens OAM for Services to Country Music and another album for Gidgee, “Songs me Old Mates Wrote”.

1990 – Inducted into the Roll of Renown in Tamworth.

1992 – Awarded by the Spirit of Tamworth “The National Living Asset”.

1994 - Stan records his third album for Gidgee Records-“Remember the Time”.

1995 - Awarded Golden Guitar (Heritage Award) for Bush Ballad Song of the Year with “Lawson’s Loaded Dog”

1996 - Stan releases his last album “Come Back to the Bush” on Gidgee Records.

1997 - Died March 25 from cancer at Manilla.

1999 - Bronze bust unveiled in Tamworth’s Bicentennial Park.