Rick & Thel CAREY 1985

Rick & Thel Carey

1927 - August 13th Richard Bruce Carey born in Sydney

1929 - October 9th Thel Hoctor born in Glossodia N.S.W.

World War II - Rick joins the RAAF as a radio mechanic for the last two years of WW II.  Learned to play guitar that his father gave him while in the Air Force.

1946 - Thel buys a guitar age 19 and teaches herself how to pick out melodies and then learns bar chords.

1949 - Rick meets Thel at a Hillbilly Club. They decide to team up together and form a duet.

1950 - January 12 together they topped Sydney radio’s 466th Amateur Hour program.

1952 - January 5 Rick and Thel marry and rent a house in Merrylands with another couple. Joy McKean and Slim Dusty. Thel writes “Rusty It’s Goodbye” which she swaps with Slim Dusty for “I’ll Never be Fooled Again”.

1954 - January first recordings with EMI Regal Zonophone. “I’ll Never be Fooled Again” flip side “She Was Happy ‘Till She Met You”.  Recorded with EMI for 25 years.

Late 1950’s – Four about 4 years did short tours and western suburb halls that fitted in with their day jobs- Thel as a teacher and Rick as a motor mechanic.

1955 - January 28 first daughter Lynne born.

1958 - Joined the All Star Western Show featuring Kevin King, Nev Nicholls and Chad Morgan. Disagreements lead to the disbanding of this group.

1960 - Joined the Chad Morgan Show. A dispute saw this show split with Rick and Thel being joined by Athol McCoy and later Gordon parsons and Brian Young,

1960 - January 8 second daughter Susan born.

1960 - The Rick and Thel Show commenced touring. They featured Athol McCoy, Woolhouse Twins, Brian Young, Curly Aylward, and later Johnny Heap, Eddie Tapp.

1967 - First tour of Western Australia.

1974 - Second daughter Susan dies at age 14 after a long history of illnesses. Pioneered touring by air to cover the large distances out outback and northern Australia.

1977 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1978 - December signed with Hadley Label in Tamworth. There they recorded “For Jenny a Rose.”

1982 - Completed tour of the South West of Western Australia.

1984 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame

1985 - Inducted into the Roll of Renown in Tamworth.

1986 - Thel has surgery to remove a tumour from under her tongue.

1987 - Completed their final show in Bunbury WA and retired from the music scene due to Thel’s health.

1988 - Settle on their property and new home in Denmark, Western Australia after 30 years of travelling and living in a van.

1998 - Thel passed away on Oct 2nd from tongue cancer. Thel was buried on her 69th birthday Oct 9th in Denmark WA.

2008 – Release of the album titled “Beyond the Dream” featuring Rick with his daughter Lynne and friends.