Shirley Thoms - 1980

Shirley Thoms

1925 - January 12 born Shirley Thoms in Toowoomba QLD.

1930 - Family moves to a cane farm near Bundaberg.

1940 - Age 15, a devotee to country music sessions on the radio and starts to learn songs listening to Buddy Williams and Tex Morton etc.

1940 - Same year appears for the first time on an amateur series for 4BU in Bundaberg singing “Mockingbird Yodel”. Wins the finals.

1941 - May 25 records with EMI Regal Zonophone.  Shirley becomes the first Australian girl to record solo and the first Queenslander to be featured on disc.  Records six of her own songs.  Records 12 songs all together.

1941 - Same year after recording sessions Shirley joins George Sorlies famous road show.

1942 - Shirley records 8 songs.

1944-1946 - Records six songs each year.

World War III - Toured with an army entertainment unit performing concerts 7 nights a week.

1952 - Rodeo signs Shirley for 6 sides - Shirley retires from music for 14 years.

1970 – 2TM brings Shirley to Tamworth for the 200th anniversary concert, which leads to a contract with Hadley Records.

1980 - Inducted into the Roll of Renown in Tamworth and the Hands of Fame.

1985 - One brief reappearance on record with one track tributed to Buddy Williams, which came through RCA, and the Nicholls ‘N’ Dimes label.

1999 – July 1st died at the age of 74 from complications with Parkinson’s Disease.