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The Eric Watson Literary Award

The Board of the Australian Country Music Foundation INC. (ACMF) became aware that the field of writing down and reporting in this way the heritage of Australian Country Music was not recognised through any form of award. As a result, Eric Watson was presented with an award by the Foundation to recognise his outstanding work in the field. Having recognised him through the award, it was decided to acknowledge his pioneer work by setting up an award in his name, the Eric Watson Literary Award.

Eric Watson OAM died in 2012.

There have been three presentations of the Eric Watson Literary Award. From experience gained from these presentations, a new set of rules and guidelines, together with an Application Form, have been instituted to guide the further development of the Eric Watson Literary Award.

Purpose of the Occasional Award

The award is named in honour of the late Eric Watson. The purpose of the award is to recognise those who, like Eric Watson, have made a significant, long term contribution to the recording and discussion of the history and development of Australasian (ie Australian and New Zealand) Country Music through the published written word.

The Nature of the Award

The award consists of a framed certificate and a continuation of the trophy currently offered that has been designed and constructed by Noel Smith.

Nominations for the Award

Nominations for the Award are called by the Board. Those nominating will be required to complete and submit an Application on a form approved by the Board.

The successful awardee will be decided by the Board. Each Application remains 'active' for 3 years, ie the Application is considered each year for 3 years.

Applications may be updated over the 3 year period.

Exhibition of the Award

A permanent display is in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame main foyer, explaining the award, the person after whom it is named and details of winners of the award.