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 Becoming an ACMF Volunteer

The ACMF is a volunteer managed and operated organisation. It has grown and developed because of the work of its volunteers. To continue to operate and grow, more volunteers are needed.


Why become an ACMF Volunteer?

When asked this question, volunteers offer a range of answers.

'I volunteer here because I like the people and learn more about country music'.

'I have gained new skills and met friendly people, especially the visitors'.

'I did not like country music but I volunteered. Now I like country music and have learned a great deal about its history'.

'I like country music and I like to meet new people to share my love of music with them'.

'I wanted to help preserve our heritage and history'.

What may you gain from becoming an ACMF Volunteer?


What do the ACMF Volunteers do?

You can work at the Front Desk, welcome visitors and collect the entry fees.

You can also help to plan, erect, maintain and then dismantle and return items to the Collection.

You can help adding new items to the Collection and cataloguing them and then seeing that they are stored away and properly conserved.

You can help with activities associated with the ongoing organisation preparing publicity, handling correspondence and phone enquiries and answering questions.

Please feel free to phone to book a time to visit.