Tex WILLIAMS (1982)

Tex Williams

1924 – William James Walker in Port Melbourne on July 26.

1940’s – Involved in the Melbourne country music scene playing banjo.

A member of the Victorian Banjo Club, Tex bought a guitar for five pounds and learnt to “pick and strum”. He won a number of talent quest at the time, working day jobs including as a bread carter with a horse and cart, on the railway and as a horsebreaker.

After “hitting the road” with a mate, Tex worked in a variety of locations from Trangie to Narromine where he entertained at one of the local pubs where he was earning three or four pounds per afternoon compared with 10 shillings a week in the shearing sheds.

 After arriving in Sydney, Tex worked a number of venues including clubs and the Trivoli Theatre.

1952 - He recorded with Regal Zonophone, two singles “Want to be a Cowboy” and “Smokin’ My Last Cigarette” although he was not sure if these were released.

Gave away music and moved to the Riverina droving and horse breaking for two years.

Returned to music and appeared with Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay, Frank Ifield and many others

Involved in rodeo for much of his life, Tex suffered serious injuries in the late 1950’s

1962 - Tex joined the Royal Victorian Blind Show where he stayed for a year and ultimately became manager of the show.

In the ‘60s, Tex recorded with Festival Records through Slim Dusty, with whom he travelled visiting 195 towns for 230 shows.

He signed a five year contract with festival in 1969, releasing three albums including “lonesome Yodeller” in  1970. Tex’s recording career included Country Music Capital’s Hadley Records, M7 Records (including An Australian Way To Sing a Country Song) and EMS Records where he released a “Most requested “ album of 20 tracks.

1982 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1988 – South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2008 – Died on January 22nd.