John R WILLIAMS (1994)

John Williams

Born and raised on the family dairy farm at Torrumbarry, near Echuca.

1975 - Won the 1260 3SR Perpetual Trophy for “the best lead vocal at the Mooroopna Country Music Festival”. His band won the award for Best Band.

1976 - Won the 1260 3SR Perpetual Trophy for “the best lead vocal at the Mooroopna Country Music Festival”.

1977 – John’s father died suddenly. This event led John to write and subsequently record “A Tribute to My Old Dad”.

1978 – Recorded his first album “Country From the Heart” at the Hadley Studios in Tamworth. Toured with Rick and Thel.

1979 – Appeared with American artist Don King and then did a tour of New Zealand.

1980 – Recorded in Melbourne and teamed up with top producer Howard Gable, from this session his big single “Liftin' Me Up” happened. Two crossover albums where produced during the early .

1985 - Protest song “Milk Blockade” in support of the struggling dairy farmers. With good mate Reg Poole he penned the very patriotic song “I Love This Land Australia”.

When Pat Cash won at Wimbledon came the song “Pat Cash Your Our Hero”.

1986 – Released the album “Two Sides of John Williams”.

1990’s - Another single, the 60’s classic “Goodbye Cruel World”.

One of JR’s biggest passions was football so he released a new version of all the AFL Football Theme Songs.

He also recorded an album of old favourites with Reg Poole that they TV Marketed.

JR decided to go north again to record and worked with the best country pickers in Australia, the album “Back On The Border” has been a great success for him with several singles lifted from it.

1994 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1996 - Named Victorian Country Entertainer of the Year.

2001 - Single “Slow Motion”

2007 - Recorded a duet with Sandra Wright when the Victorian Government decided to build a pipeline and pipe water from the north of the state away from the struggling farmers who were battling drought and water shortages and send it to Melbourne he wrote and recorded “ Who Gives A Stuff About The Farmer”.

Known for his long running radio show, JR’s Country, which can be heard across 3 states.

2009 - JR decided it was time to make some tough decisions. The dairy herd was sold and his focus was back to his love of music. After a trip north with Bill Chambers, a group of Australia's best country musicians and a handful of great songs were carefully selected and a long awaited album was born.

2010 – Released “Mustering Time.