Eric WATSON OAM (2007)

Eric Watson  Location- Block 4; position 216

1926 - Eric, songwriter, singer, author and Selection Records proprietor was born on the 16th of April, and grew up on a dairy farm near Casino.

1935 - After radio arrived Eric soon new all Tex Morton and other artists songs by heart, and at the age of 12, began to write his own songs.

1952 - Moved to Sydney and with the help of Pat Ware, he had his songs recorded by Glen Davis and Jimmy Little, then back to the bush for a while.

1962 - Eric returned in Sydney and was writing again. Slim Dusty recorded his song "When Snowy Sings of Home." Soon after Buddy Williams, Rick & Thel, Eddie Tapp, Reg Poole and many other artists used his songs.

1975 - Published Volume 1 of the "History of Australian Country Music".

1978 - Launched Selection Records with a debut album of Rodeo Songs by Reg Poole.

1983 – Published Volume 2 of the "History of Australian Country Music".

A tireless worker for country music, Eric was elected to the Board of the C.M.A.A.

1996. A trustee of the Country Music Heritage Hall in Tamworth.

1977 - Golden Guitar Wrangler Special Award for his services to the Country Music industry.

2004 – Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to country music.

2006 – Acknowledged by the Australian Country Music Foundation with a Literary Award “for his significant contribution to country music through written publication”. This award was presented to Jazzer Smith in 2009 as the “Eric Watson Award”.

2007 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2012 - Passed away on the 8th of January.