Lucky STARR (1980)

Lucky Starr  Location- Block 1; position 41

1940 - Lucky was born Les Morrison on December 29th in the working class suburb of Mascot, Sydney. Like most kids finding their musical feet in the 50s, he was heavily influenced by American pop and rock ‘n’ roll.

Lucky began work in his teens as an electrical apprentice in the city.

Formed the Hepparays with Bruce Guss, Tony Caperero and Dave Taylor.  

1959 - Won a talent quest at the Allawah Hotel on June 24th 1959. Part of our prize was a Festival Records contract and the band first recorded as the Hepparays in late 1959. The tracks were a rocked up medley of Xmas songs called Xmas Rock Medley and a vocal entitled I Remember Xmas At Home.

To create a new image he decided on a name change to Les Starr. A new guitar in the shape of a star was made. Les Starr and the Hepparays was born. After a while something more catchy was required so Les became Lucky.

The first record under his new name Lucky Starr was a cover of the Buddy Knox hit, “Somebody Touched Me” (released on the 29th Oct 1959) backed with the self-penned “When You Come Back To Me”. On succeeding singles Lucky tried a variety of styles before hitting the jackpot with “I've Been Everywhere”.

The story of “I've Been Everywhere” starts at a small nightclub, the Afro-Cuban in Kings Cross in early 1962.  Geoff Mack sang the song and Lucky like it so much he asked if he could record it. He had two weeks to learn the words but when it came to record it, he still had to read them off a lyric sheet. When it went well here, they got a request from Dot Records in the States. They wrote an American version and Hank Snow had the hit over there with it. It went to number one in the country charts.

The move to the States was successful. One single “Poor Little Jimmy Brown” charted for him and he concentrated on overseas venues. His popularity in Las Vegas and the East later led him to become the first Australian artist to tour Vietnam in 1965.

"During the Seventies, he became a cabaret act, touring the Hilton circuit overseas. The late 70s and early 80s saw a struggle on his part to get into the mainstream of Australian music. He put away his suits, teamed up with RCA records and returned via country rock.

Lucky's first album “Big Wheel” went gold in 1975 and won the ARIA award for country album of the year

He consistently recorded Australian music from Everywhere through “Ow Yer Goin' Mate” and “Down At The TAB”.

1980 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

Lucky once again demonstrated his talent with acclaimed live performances on “Long Way To The Top” in 2002- 2003. His longevity is a testament to his undisputed place in the history of Australian Music.

2008 - Mo Awards – Hall of Fame.