Pete SKOGLUND (1978)

Pete Skoglund  Location- Block 1; position 1

1928 – Born on the 8th of September. Involved in music in his childhood playing the mouth organ.

1945 – Purchased a guitar and yodelling became his passion. Soon he was performing at concerts and then touring around Victoria and South Australia.

1948 – Won a yodelling championship.

1939 – Singing on trans-Atlantic passenger cargo world trips. Pioneer in singing commercials –the G. J. Coles commercial was used nationwide for 15 years.

1951 – 1957 –Was part of “The Yakka Trail Blazers” with regular spots on radio stations and country shows.

1952 - Toured with Reg Lindsay. BEA Records put the commercial on an album. This was the first country music yodelling album released in Australia.

1956 – Spotlight Records released an LP “Yodelling Boy” with 8 of his yodelling songs.

1958 – Released his second album, a 10 inch (250mm) LP on Spotlight Records.

1963 – Toured the Orient then did shipboard entertaining on several cruises plus touring England, Germany and Sweden.

1966 – Pete’s song “The Ringing Reindeer” was recorded by Welsh singer Deke Layne on the Fontana label.

1967 – 1975 – Performed at numerous shows with 3DB. Toured the USA and Canada for 6 months.

1970 – Jonny Farnham released his version of “The Ringing Reindeer”.

1977 – Toured for six months through the USA and Canada.

1978 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame. Released a double album on the Hadley label.

1979 – ABC Radio interviewed Pete and taped some of his songs for overseas broadcasts.

2007 – Passed away on May 31st at Tweed Heads, NSW.