Graham RODGER (2014)

Graham Rodger  Location- Block 8; position 302

1952 - Born on August 31st.

1964 - Taught to play the guitar by his father.

1970's - Playing in a band doing club work across Brisbane.

1998 - Resigned from the Queensland Ambulance Service to become a full time entertainer. Released his first album "Steering Wheel Drover".

2000 - Graham started to spend the "tourist season" (winter) in outback Queensland caravan parks taking his music to the people. The rest of the year would be spent touring other areas of Australia.

2005 - With the release of This Old Guitar of Mine" Graham started to include at least one ballad to acknowledge the deeds of the ANZAC's.

2006 - Released "The Battle of Long Tan" in honour of the battle by Australian soldiers in Vietnam. People Choice Award winner of Best Bush Ballad with "Country Towns.

2008 - Announced the winner of the Golden Medallion for "Touring Artist of the Year".

2009 - Achieved a number 1 hit in several European countries with "We're Gonna Be Alright". People Choice Award winner of Best Album with "The Fire Within Me", and best male vocal.

2010 - People Choice Award winner of Best Bush Ballad with "The First Lady of Country".

2011 - People Choice Award winner of Best Bush Ballad with "The Cooper Coming Down"

2012 - People Choice Award winner of Vocal Event of the Year with "An Affair of the Heart" and Best Male Vocal.

2013 - Approached by the "White Hill Truck Driver's Memorial" in South Australia to become their Patron and Ambassador.
Golden Guitar for Best Bush Ballad with "Looking Back", and People Choice Award.

2014 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

To date Graham has won 65 awards for his singing and songwriting.