Shorty RANGER OAM (1977)

Shorty Ranger  Location- Block 1; position 10

1925 - Born Edwin Haberfrield on October 9.  Kempsey NSW. Grew up in Nulla Nulla Creek, neighbour of Slim Dusty.

1942 - Age 17 wrote “Winter Winds”- recorded by Slim Dusty in 1957 and became a very well known instrumental after Barry Thornton recorded it.

1943 - Changed his name to Shorty Ranger same time as Slim Dusty changed his from Gordon Kirkpatrick. Also called himself the Singing Wanderer.

1944 - Sang on Dick Fair’s Australia’s Amateur Hour “It’s All Now Over You”

1948 - January 22.  Shorty and Slim head to Sydney.  On his return he started to work on the family farm and a solo career.

1950 - Meets future wife “Ruby Jane Magee” age 22 at a concert at Taylors Arms.

1951 - Runner up to Reg Lindsay on the Tim McNamara Show at the Sydney Town Hall.  Won a cup and got his first contract with Rodeo Records.

1952 - September 4 Shorty and Ruby marry.  They later have six children, four boys and twin girls.

1957 - Slim records Shorty’s composition “Winter Winds” written 14 years previously.

1969 - Buddy Williams records a complete album of Shorty’s compositions.  Album titled “Buddy ‘N’ Shorty”.  Later renamed “Big Banana Land” after one of the tracks on album.

1974 – August and September Shorty and Ruby joins Buddy Williams in Birdsville for Buddy Williams Country and Western Troupe. Tour goes to outback Queensland, of Carpentaria and the Far North Coast of Australia.

1976 - Offered a recording contract with Hadley Records Tamworth.

1977 - Inducted to the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1978 - Released gospel album “Heaven Country Style”.

1979 - Won award for professionals in the “Barcoo Bush Ballads Awards” in Queensland with song co-written by Jim Wesley a gospel song “In God’s Hands”

1980 - Re-recorded Rye Whiskey at Hadley Records.  First recorded in 1951 on Rodeo Records.

1980’s - Formed “Wildwood Records”.  Now renamed “Wildwood Music”

1983 - Cut his sixth album at Hadley Records.

1989: Awarded Tamworth Song Writers Association Salute for his writing "Winter Winds."

1993 - Inducted to the Roll of Renown at Tamworth.

1991 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2000 - Performs with Lee Kernaghan at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.  “Winter Winds”.

2003 - Awarded an ARIA for “Winter Winds” after being released by Lee Kernaghan.  The recording went to number one.  Lee also had a Gold made for Shorty and sent it to him at “Winter Winds”.

2003 – 26th January Awarded “Order of Australia Medal” (OAM)

2004 - Donated a stool to McCleay River Historical Society. Made from the biggest cedar trees grown in the world and came from Nulla Creek.

Shorty has written some 800 plus songs and has been recorded by artists such as-

Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams, Reg Lindsay, Reg Poole, Dusty Rankin, Rick and Thel, The Singing Kettles, Lindsay Butler, Barry Thornton plus many more.

Some of the Shorty Ranger classic compositions are "Winter Winds", which made Barry Thornton famous on record as a lead guitarist, ""My Old Aussie Homestead", "Somebody's Mother", "Somewhere Up in Queensland", "Willy Willy", "Song of the Macleay", "Old Rusty Bell", "Toy Telephone" (with Ivy Waters), "The Big Banana Land", "Buggy and Pair", "Queensland Texas Rose" and "Old Kentucky Rig."

2007 - Shorty Ranger passed away on 22nd June.