Mike O'MALLEY (1987)

Mike O'Malley

1925 – Born on February 8th in Mount Barker, South Australia.

Age 16 he heard Tex Morton and became interested in country music.

His first guitar teacher only taught Hawaiian style so he had to teach himself the country style.

After leaving school he worked in a tannery and then itinerant worker.

1945 – Age 20 he came second in a radio talent quest of 5AD.

1947 – Appeared on the 5AD “On Parade” program for 12 years.

1952 – Entered Australia’s Amateur Hour with his sister-in-law Christine. Worked with Bob Fricker and appeared on the Annual Cowboy Swing Show. He won the “Cowboy Cup” for the most popular country singer.

1953 – Married Sylvia.

1954 – Recorded four sides in Sydney for Rodeo Records. Began a six month tour with Noel George and his buck jump show. This was to the start of six years of touring with various shows.

1956 – Recorded a further four tracks for Rodeo Records. Problems with copyright on one of these songs resulted in two songs not being released. This turned Mike off further recording which affected his career.

Mike took a spell from touring.

1959 – Mike and Maurie Lawson teamed up for a six month tour of Victoria and South Australia and then a few months in Sydney. Mike then teamed up with Neville Lawson who had a wildlife lecture touring show and toured with him until 1963.

1963 – The life of touring with 4 children was becoming difficult so the settle down in Mount Barker.

1968 – Moved to Whyalla and made a brief comeback into show business with his son Wayne and daughter Joy.

1986 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1987 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.