Chad MORGAN OAM (1979)

Chad Morgan

1933 - February 11 born Chadwick William Morgan in Wondai Queensland.  First child of 14.  Raised by grandparents.

1947 - Age 13 grandfather dies. Chad , his siblings and grandmother move back with Chad’s parents at Scrubby Creek.

1948 - Starts to learn the guitar as mother plays accordion and mandolin and father plays accordion.

1948-1951 - Works on cattle stations around Rockhampton. During this time he starts to compose his own music and songs.

1950 - Age 16 Chad writes “The Sheik from Scrubby Creek”.

1952 - Joined the RAAF.  While in training entertains his mates in the Barracks plays at dances and in between, boxing and fighting tournaments.

1952 - Same year he enters the talent quest on the Amateur Hour and wins the Brisbane heat singing “The Sheik”.  Wins semi finals in Sydney and comes runner up at the grand final.

1952 - October 24.  EMI Regal Zonophone records “The Sheik of Scrubby Creek” with the flip side being “You Can Have Your Women, I’ll Stick to My Booze”.

1954 - December 25.  Has a motorcycle accident collision with a  car.  Hospitalised for 14 months where during this time he writes new songs and practices the guitar.

1955 - Moves to Sydney and has bookings on the showboat “Kalang”.  Meets Kevin King which leads him to Slim Dusty and goes on tour with Slim.

1956 - On tour with Slim Dusty.

1958 - Tours with Reg Lindsay and Ted Quigg, Rick and Thel, Kevin King and Nev Nicholls.

1950-1960 - Puts together a musical troupe with Rick and Thel. Goes on tour as “Chad Morgan Show”.

1961 - Ends up at Munduberra QLD disillusioned and flat broke after going through difficult times.

1964 - Joins Frank Foster’s showground circuit and stays 9 years.

1977 – Performed at the Sydney Opera House to a standing ovation.

1978 - Has cameo appearance in the movie “Newsfront”.

1979 - Inducted into the “Noses of Fame Gallery” at the Joe Maguire’s Pub in Tamworth.  Also inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1987 - Elevated onto the Roll of Renown in Tamworth.

1988 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2002 – Awarded the Kempsey Living Legend Award.

2004 – Awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

2010 – First person to be honoured with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the CMAA Awards in Tamworth. Released his first DVD recorded live at Long Yard Hotel in Tamworth.

2011 – Released a DVD on his life “I’m Not Dead Yet”.

2016 - MO Awards - Male Country arist.

2017 - In June Chad unveiled his bronze bust in Bicentennial Park in Tamworth.

Chad Morgan is one of the last pioneers of Australian Country Music, and still active, touring Australia bringing his comical songs to fans of three-generations. The man who has been making people laugh for more than five decades should be crowned King of Australian Country Music Comedy. He is a master of audience control and remains one of the biggest draw cards in the history of Australian Country Music. He has seen many changes in the industry and had lived through good and bad times. He is just as popular today as he was fifty years ago, Morgan’s trophy of success are his loyal fans.