Wally McQUAKER (2005)

Wally McQuaker

Wally, a comedian and singer, was born in Rockhampton in Queensland. The first instrument he learnt to play was the mouth organ, followed by the guitar.

After marrying, he moved to central Queensland and worked as a stockman, shedhand and drover. While out west his wife Alice, gave him a Levin guitar. Word got around about his talents and he was soon in great demand.

Wally toured with Chad Morgan, Trevor Day, Les Partell and “Boof” Morgan, then with Buddy Williams.

His friend Neville Pellit asked him to join the “Harmony Trail Show” on 3SR and “Surprise Package” on GMV Channel 6, as a resident singer and comedian. That led to a comedy spot on GMV Juniors as ‘Joey’ the clown. He took over production of the show and featured many country artists over the next few years.

Wally moved to Coffs Harbour in 1973. It was here that ‘Joey the Clown’ appeared on NBN television, as well as becoming a rodeo clown. Since living in Coffs Harbour he has spent time song writing and recording as well as doing shows with his three daughters. Wally still performs a little today and does a number of small tours each year.

2005 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.