Bruce McCUMSTIE (2011)

Bruce McCumstie

Born in 1942 and raised at Tullamore NSW on his parent’s Merino stud Farm

Bruce’s first band “The Vikings” was based in Trundle NSW in the era of woolshed dances, balls and live bands everywhere every weekend.

Bruce played bass for many years in well known bands including the Kimberly Country Band and Men of Country.  During the era of the early 70’s there were venues like the great Texas Tavern where Nev Nicholls had his band and where Bruce filled in as a bass player with musicians and singers like Kevin King, Jan Kelly, Rex Dallas and musicians like Al Tompkins, Gary Brown and many were all playing around Sydney at the time.  Bruce plays tribute to this era in his recently released track “Who’s Got the Pub in Sydney Now”

By default Bruce became the lead singer when the “Kimberley Country Band” front man took ill and Bruce took his role.  This band later became “Winterwood” and with Bruce fronting the band boasted other band members over the years like a keen young man eager to learn the pedal steel called Michelle Rose, a lead guitarist called Kevin Bennett and another guitarist and singer  named Peter Johnson just to name a few.

In the early 1980s Bruce left Sydney with his young family to manage “The Ranch” nightclub in Rockhampton

In 1984 he moved to Gympie and formed the “Blue Heeler” band with mate Peter Lee.   Artists like James Blundell and Troy Cassar Daley cut their country music teeth with “Blue Heeler”.  Bruce performed on main stage for the first fourteen years at the Gympie Muster and many other Queensland festival s, events and venues.

Bruce then embarked on a solo career and in 1999 moved back to NSW and lived on Lake Macquarie and performed around Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Well known for his “Willie Nelson” style vocals Bruce has performed in several production shows paying tribute to this great songwriter.

From 2003 t0 2007 - “Throw the Billy On” was Bruce’s first all Australian Country Music Show and it played five days a week at Harrigan’s in the Hunter Valley Vineyard for over four years – over 1,000 shows in total.

Bruce performs regularly at festivals and events throughout Australia as well as his production performances as “Willie” in “Waylon and Willie” with mate Rob Wilson, in “Willie & Kris” with mate Bryen Willems and with Daniel Thompson they perform all together as the 4 Highwaymen.  His newest “Willie” venture is “Strickly Nashville with Donella Waters as Dolly(Donella previously starred with Bruce in “Luv Ya Willie”).

But Bruce’s first love is Australian Country Music and wherever and whenever he can be found performing in his show Australia–Songs of Our home and Heritage  taking you on a historical journey through Australian Country Music History.