Paul McCLOUD (2003)

Paul McCloud

Born in 1943.

1967 – Began his professional career doing the rounds of clubs and talent quests.

1973 – Became disillusioned with the music industry and returned to the family property.

1982 – Returned to the music industry and in August released his first album titled "The Sensitive Sound of Paul McCloud", recorded at Hadley Studios in Tamworth.

During the 1980's, he released a total of seven albums on LP and cassette.

1985 - With three successive albums to his credit, and without mainstream industry assistance, Paul set about placing himself in front of the general public en masse and performing live. He pioneered shopping centre promotions around Australia, selling thousands of record albums and building a solid base of fans and supporters.

1982 to the early 90's Paul and wife Hele were often accompanied by Paul's father and mother, affectionately known as The Roadie and The Shirtmaker. At the age of 79 years, his father Bob went on the road as sound and lighting man. His mother, Mavis, made a habit of calling into all the Op Shops along the way, buying old wedding gowns etc. and turning them into Paul McCloud stage shirts. Mavis also featured as a songwriter on Paul's earlier recordings.

Early 1990’s – Two performances at the  Sydney Opera House with the Tamworth On Parade group

1998 – Started the annual Hartwood Festival of Campfires and Country Music featuring Paul and many other country artists over the Easter weekend on his 1600 acre property near Tambar Springs.

1999 - He was also voted Most Popular Artist On Tour.

2001 - He was also voted Most Popular Artist On Tour.

2003 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

2005 - After 23 years of touring Australia, Paul released his seventeenth album titled "Essential Collection", on his own independent label, Palomino Music.