Tommy MACK (1989)

Tommy Mack

1919 – Born Thomas McNamara in Orange, one of eight boys and three girls. All inherited a musical flair.

1926 – Family moved to Ashfield in Sydney.

1934 – Tommy left school and worked as a door-to-door breadboard salesman, in a brass foundry, before commencing an apprenticeship as a boilermaker.

1935 – Saw Tex Morton perform and so decided he wanted to be a country music entertainer.

1936 – Entered his first radio talent quest.

1941 – Spent 3 months in the army. Offered to organise concert parties for the troops.

1947 – Started an artists’ booking agency called Actors’ Equity. It ran successfully for 3 years.

During the 1940’s Tom and brother Tim worked as a duo.

1949 - Tommy was running a country music show on 2SM called “Songs of the Saddle”. Tommy and Tim started organising talent quests around Sydney before Tim ventured out on his own with talent quests in which Reg Lindsay won the final at the Sydney Town Hall.

1951 – Recorded on Regal Zonophone. “White Lace, Red Clay, Black Coffin” was one of the four tracks he recorded.

1952 – Married. Joined Bob Dyer’s Solvol Show.

Tommy’s flair for comedy took over and he concentrated more on that side of his career.

1989 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2004 – Passed away on April 18th.