Tom and Ted

LeGarde Twins

1931 – Born at Mackay on the 15th of March. Youngest of a family of 9.

1941 - At the age of 10 they both received a guitar from an older brother and they quickly mastered the guitar and to sing in harmony, while listening to Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers on an old gramophone

1944 – Age 13 saw a Hopalong Cassidy film and became interested in country music.

1946 – Age 15 left school and with one guitar between them left home and began working of properties around the district doing all types of farm work.

1948 – Started competing at rodeo- the youngest professional riders on the circuit. Also did whip cracking, sharp shooting and singing.

1949 - They were invited to Join the Buddy Williams travelling rodeo show, where Buddy became their mentor.  Their careers as singing cowboys soared with radio shows, records and TV appearances, they would soon become a household name.   Joined the Buddy Williams Show.

1950 – Joined the Sydney country music scene. Became the fourth artists to sign with the Rodeo label and released 5 singles.

1952 – Signed with Regal Zonophone, recording a session each year until 1957.

In the early 1950's they toured with Tex Morton, and also Hop-Along Cassidy, when he was touring Australia.

1957 – left Australia and lived sometime in Canada before moving to America and touring with cowboy singer/actor Dale Robertson

1963 – In February  they were back in Australia where Tom & Ted would compare a TV show for ATN Channel 7, Sydney, they also toured the Showgrounds promoted by Frankie Foster - it was here they performed alongside other artist  Chad Morgan, Ricky & Tammy, Kevin Shegog and many others. It was stated that during the 1960's they wanted to form Australia's own Grand Ole Opry in Sydney, however none of the Australian artists were interested, so they returned to America.

1964 – By this time they had toured most of the states in America.

1985 – Play at the World Expo in Japan in January.

1987 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1992 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.