Maurie LAWSON (1986)

Maurie Lawson

1927 – Born on the 4th of September in Dimboola, Victoria.

1939 – Moved to Melbourne.

1941 – Became hooked on country music after hearing Tex Morton. Bought a guitar and taught himself to sing and play.

1943 – Left school at 16 and worked as a cinematograph operator until an accident left him blind in one eye.

1947 – Due to extreme nervousness he did not perform in public until he was 20 when he appeared on Australia’s Amateur Hour. This lead to a recording session for “Rodeo Records”.

Married his first wife Vi and performed as the Yodelling Sweethearts. Maurie could play seven instruments and started doing rope tricks.

Toured with Ashton’s Circus as well as their own shows, mainly on the club circuit.

1952 – Took out their own tour- this lasted for 7 years, touring around Australia.

1959 – With their four children they settled in Adelaide and took a spell from entertaining.

Maurie formed a band and worked on a country show aired on the ABC.

1963 – Marital problems led to divorce. Maurie went to Europe for six months. The country music program moved to the commercial network and became the Reg Lindsay Show.

Maurie worked as a solo performer for a few years until he met and teamed up with Thirza McColm and became the Singing Lariats.

1972 – Maurie and Thirza married.

The Singing Lariats had a 10 year full time career in which they performed in Sydney clubs, P & O cruises, had two seasons in America and overseas trips to Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

At the end of the second American tour Maurice developed angina and this resulted in a slowing down of their career. On returning to Australia they bought land near Woodburn, northern NSW and established a tourist attraction.

1986 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1994 – Maurie Lawson passed away on the 13th of November.