Arch KERR (1981)

Arch Kerr

1907 – Archibald Kerr was born on the 5th of August in Charters Towers, Queensland.

1913 – Commenced piano lessons.

1921 – Joined the staff of Harrold’s Musical Instruments Warehouse in Brisbane. Became manager of the gramophone and record department for most of the 17 years he worked there.

1926 – Learnt clarinet and saxophone. Played in the 9th/49th and Brisbane Citizens Military Bands and the Ithaca Orchestral Society.

1930 -1938- Played professional in silent picture theatre orchestras and fronted his own 10 piece dance band.

1939 - The Columbia Gramaphone Records sales manager till 1950. Arch had very strong views on what was  and was not country music. It was Arch who decided who was to record and what they were to record. Tex Morton was their biggest selling artist but Arch and Tex had many disagreements which resulted in Arch Signing Buddy Williams and ex-Canadian Smilin' Billy Blinkhorn in 1939.

Produced all of Tex Mortons early recording up to 1943/

Other artists who were signed up by Arch included Gil Harris in 1939; Bob Dyer in 1940; Shirley Thoms and Smoky Dawson in 1941; June holms, Joan Martin and Eric Tutin in 1942; Gordon Parsons and Slim Dusty in 1946; Don Reynolds in 1947 and Dusty Rankin and Tim McNamara in 1948.

1950 – Established Arch Kerr’s Music Centre in Toowoomba.

1968 – Retired from business but still coached pupils on clarinet and saxophone.

1981 – Golden Guitar Capital Country Music Award. Inducted into the Hands of Fame.