Jan KELLY (1985)

Jan Kelly

1948 - Born on the 23rd of April in Hayfield, Victoria.

As a four year old Jan would spend all her time singing for herself and her parents. Jan's inspiration came from her mother who used to sing on the radio. Growing up Jan would sing in her school choirs, she would also sing where ever she could at concerts.

1951 - At the age of 13 Jan was requested to sing at the official opening of the local Thornton Hotel. Her payment for the night's entertainment was a glass of cold lemonade.

During the holiday season “The Wanderers Band” used to visit Eildon, where Jan was living at the time and she got to sing with the band where she gained valuable experience singing with a group.

1953 – At 15 she moved to Melbourne and found work at a concert party club performing for the aged. She was a member of the group “The Falcons” for a year.

1968 - After a break from music for a period of four years Jan moved to Sydney taking in a number of talent quests. After winning quite a few of these quests she was encouraged to become more involved in the entertainment business. Jan was approached by an agent and from then on was kept very busy on the club scene.

Jan got her start in Sydney working with Nev Nicholls & The Country Playboys at the Texas Tavern, where she met Terry Smith whilst doing a gig there. Jan and Teery formed the band “Mainline” which later became “The Jan Kelly Express”.

A few years later another track recorded with Nev titled "Country Music Turns Me On" which received a nominated at Tamworth Country Music Festival. This track was recorded on an album titled "Barrooms and Bedrooms".

 Albums released by Jan include; “Sorry”, “Without Reason” and “I'm A Woman”.

1985 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame.