Jim HERMEL (2009)

Jim Hermel

1945 – Born on the 30th December, at Hindmarsh, (inner suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.)

1949 - First performance, Frankie Lane’s “Mule Train”.  Early musical influences were Little Richard, Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Shadows, Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers.

1961 - First professional performance at aged fifteen.

Early 1970’s - backing lead guitarist to Australia's top recording stars, John Farnham, Billy Thorpe, Ronnie Burns, Denise Drysdale, on concert tours early in their careers and later graduated to a session musician on records and television commercials. In the late 1970's and early 1980's. Started touring Australia which he continues to do.

Late 1970’s - emerged as a recording and concert star in his own right, as vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Three albums recorded at that time were all widely acclaimed, receiving national and international air-play.

1976 - Released the album “STONE MOUNTAIN MUSIC” with The Stone Mountain Band. 

1978 – Released the album “SON OF A WHISKEY DRINKIN’ GAMBLIN’ QUEEN” with The Stone Mountain Band. 

1980 – Toured the USA (Performed with Jerry Lee Lewis at the Jerry Lee Lewis Showroom in Nashville Tennessee.)

1983 – Released the album “SOUTHERN BOOGIE” with The Southern Boogie Band.

1986 – Released the album “TEXAS JAM” Jim Hermel (recorded in Austin, Texas.)  Toured the USA with performances at the famous Big River Festival San Antonio Texas, an annual event which attracts 100,000 people. Featured on the Six O’Clock News with a live cross as he recorded the album ‘Texas Jam’.  Appeared on the top Saturday Night cable television variety show, "Citizen's Live" and performed concerts throughout the state of Texas. The first Australian invited by the Apache Council of Arizona to perform at American Indian reservations which included Forte Apache & Peach Springs Reservation (Arizona). 

1988 - Formed the group "Black Cat Bone," with Bruce Benham, (bass), and Dave Brogden, (Drums). They performed around Adelaide and South Australia off and on for 7 years, and Bruce and Dave were also often in "Red Buck", (named after the red buck kangaroo) was the name used when the band went to 5 piece for special projects of touring, recording, or film-making. "Black Cat Bone" is still a working, performing band, with 2 cd's to date, a live album, (Lightning Strikes Twice,) and a studio album, (White Lightning.)
1989 – Released the album “EYE OF THE EAGLE,” with Red Buck,

1991 – Toured the USA (Performances included appearing on the famous Big River Festival San Antonio Texas. Performed for the US Desert Storm Troops at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

1993 – Toured South East Asia with "Red Buck". The first western band in the world to perform in communist Laos and the first western band to perform in Vietnam since the war. All eleven concerts of South East Asia were 'sellouts' with the Hanoi daily paper reporting that "Australian band Red Buck's two concerts at the Red Army Stadium (the biggest stadium in Hanoi) were sold out within two hours, leaving many thousands of fans disappointed”. First Australian to perform at Bangkok’s Hard Rock Café. 

1994 – Toured South East Asia and invited again to perform at Bangkok’s Hard Rock Café. Plus a two season at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

1999 – After a drought of 15 years Jim released a 12 track CD of entirely original country, country rock and blues, written by South Australian songwriter Craig Roberts. The album "Highway To Ride" was recorded in 1999 using some of the finest session musicians in Australia.

2000 – Inducted into the Hands Of Fame in Barmera SA. A five track cd was released entitled "The Ballad Of Creswick Mine". Jim re-formed the classic rock, rhythm & blues band, 'BLACK CAT BONE,' with original band members Bruce Benham, (bass), and Dave Brogden, (Drums.)

2001 – Released the album “NOTHING TO LOSE”. 15 tracks, (all written by Craig Roberts,) featuring Jim's unique brand of southern country rock.

2004 ­– Released the album “LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE,” with Black Cat Bone. Jim married Virginia Coad, a fellow professional musician whom he'd met when they were both working at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1988. Toured the United States in May, performing at concerts in Arizona and Tennessee.

2006 – Released the album “WHITE LIGHTNING,” Black Cat Bone. 

2008 – Released the album “KEEP A-ROCKIN’ Jim Hermel and The Hot Chix, working in conjunction with Virginia & Lynette Coad which features all classic 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll songs.

2009 ­– Inducted into the Hands of Fame during the Tamworth Festival.  Runaway Dixie ((((((((((Jim Hermel and the Coad Sisters) released the album “GOLDEN MILE” .

2010 – Tamworth Songwriters Awards. Gospel Song Of The Year – GOLDEN MILE.