Johnny HEAP (1980)

Johnny Heap

1941 – Born on the 14th of October in Geelong, Victoria.

1956 – By age 15 he was playing guitar, entering talent quests and performing on the local radio stations.

1949 – Age 18 was playing lead guitar, bass and singing in a rock band “The Teen B”, but still appeared on radio and television as a country artist.

1960 – Reached the Grand Final of the Victorian Banjo Club Championships.

A residency at the famous Dodds Hotel, with his band "The Snowmen", provided a break from travelling. They worked Dodds till midnight then set up at the nearby Taboo Night Club to play until dawn. It was in Cooma that Johnny met and married wife Val, and they went back on the road with the Carey’s for a travelling honeymoon.

1962 – Joined the Rick & Thel tour.

1966 – Left the Rick and Thel Show. An all-round entertainer being able to play rhythm and lead guitar as well as bass. Could also do straight man in comedy routines as well as compere. Released his first album on Hadley Records.

1968 – Became semi-permanent at the Texas Tavern in Sydney with Nev Nicholls. He stayed here for 7 years.

1978 – Received honours in the Barcoo Bush Ballad Awards.

1979 - Received honours in the Barcoo Bush Ballad Awards.

1980 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.