Emma HANNAH (1979)

Emma Hannah

1944 – Born on December 14th in Young, NSW.

Studied classical music before becoming involved in the folk scene for 3 years in Sydney.

Emma Hannah's busy career in the music industry began in her teenage years. After early classical training, she became very involved in the flourishing Folk movement, and has been a professional singer and musician from that time on.

1960’S – In the mid 1960’s she appeared on the television show - Gary Shearston's 'Just Folk', along with concert performances across a wide area of the Eastern states of Australia

1970’s - Early 1970’s she became a regular on John Williamson's popular 'Travlin' Out West' TV series. Later on she made many more appearances on television, including 'Reg Lindsay's Country Homestead'.

1975 – Signed a recording contract with Wizard Records. Her first single was “Give a Hand, Take a Hand”.

1976 – Second single “Waiting  For The Rain” released. This single charted well in most states which lead to appearances on the television shows “Don Lane” and “Ernie Sigley”. Album “Be a Lady in the Daytime” was released.

1979 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2006 – Released 'Wayfaring Stranger'.

2011 – Released 'Songs To Dream On'.

Emma has travelled widely, appearing at a variety of prestigious venues all across Australia.

Emma has recorded four solo albums and her single 'Angel of The Morning' won her a national award for Best Country Record of the Year in 1979