Jacqueline HALL (1986)

Jacqueline Hall

1942 – Born on July 13th  in Wollongong NSW.

1951 – Age 9.  Jacqueline’s mother realises her daughters singing and yodelling talent and with enquiries was led to a band leader “Len Bell”. She started to perform in a series of charity shows and was soon working in radio with Len Bell and his band. Radio – 2WL – 2KY – 2UE and 2SM. Also the Reg Lindsay Radio Show.

1952 – Entered and won the Silver Cup Award at Mick Toblin’s Albert Park Hotel.

1952 – 1953 – Her popularity increased and in strong demand for public appearances.  She then won her segment on Dick Fair’s “Amateur Hour” in Corrimal.

1953 – Age 11, Jacqueline was a regular on “Sunset Trail” radio show heard Australia wide.

About this time Jacqueline’s mother remarried a major showbiz promoter “Jolliff”.  He took  over Jacqueline’s career.

1954 – Age 12, Jacqueline was chosen to represent Wollongong on the national radio show “Top Town”.

During this time she did the Western Suburbs Club circuit with Alan Neaves and guitarist Pat Ware but mainly with “Ted Quigg”.

1954 – She cut her first four sided record for Regal Zonophone.  Recorded again in 1955, 1956 and 1958, 12 sides in all.

1960 – Age 18, Toured with Reg Lindsay Show.  She was to tour for two months but stayed two years.  During the tour she became close to Kevin King and wife Pat.  Later she married Pat’s brother.

1965 – Jacqueline averaged two to three Club shows a week. 

At the age of 23 Jacqueline had enough of showbiz.  From a young age she really did not like to Yodel it embarrassed her although she liked to sing.  She worked constantly and hard from the age of 10 to 23.  Her heart was never really in showbiz and she wanted to settle down and have children.  Jacqueline retired she has not sung since only around the house.