Mick FINN (1996)

Mick Finn

1922 - Born in McLean on the 24th of December.

 He grew up in the Kyogle district and as a youngster he heard Jimmy Rogers on a gramophone and decided it was his kind of music.

1929 – At the age of 7, he leant to play the guitar (homemade).

After singing in the area as a teenager, he then moved to Tamworth where in 1946 wrote the song "Bernborough."

1949 - Mick moved to Brisbane and continued his country music activities - he was founding member of the Modern Country Music Association, now known as A.C.M.A. and editor of Queensland’s country music times. He was vice-president of the A.C.M.A. For a few years.

1973 was awarded life membership.

After a few recordings he concentrated on writing and his exceptional musical ability.

Mick has provided backing of drums, base and harmonica on many recordings.

His best songs include "Bernborough," "An Old Hill-Billy from Wayback," "Room Full of Old Gold Records," "This Old Train" and "Aboriginal Boy." Mick was very proud that Buddy Williams recorded three of his songs!

1991 – He retired from entertaining.

1996 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2002 - Passed away on the 25th of January.