Col EDMONDS (2007)

Col Edmonds

1938 - Born on the 14th January and lived on the family cane farm 28kms north of Mackay, Queensland.

Listened to the early morning country music programs on the radio and developed an interest in the music.

1952 - At age 14 bought a second hand guitar and taught himself to play.

1955 - At 17 years of age made his first public appearance at local dances. Sang at local rodeos. A pioneers of the cabaret scene in the Mackay area .

1977 - Won the Barcoo Bush Ballads Awards for song writing with "I'd Like To Be" and second with a song called "A Truckies Lament". Won the Charters Towers section with a song called "The Farmers Song". Later won with another song called "Daylight Saving."

1980 – First release "Country Songs and Bush Ballads" on record and Cassette. Then came "Middle Of The Road" also on LP and Cassette.  Recorded 12 more original songs on Cassette only and called that album "40 Years Of Country".

First CD called "No More Rattle Of The Chains", all original songs.
Second CD called
"Through The Years". A selection of the best country songs from his 4 earlier albums.

2003 - Released another CD "My Kinda Country".

2004 - Album number 7 "Mustering Season" released at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Tuesday 20th January.

2007 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.