Pat DRUMMOND (2003)

Pat Drummond

1952 - Born Patrick Edward Drummond on April 2nd, at Macdonaldtown, NSW,

His high school years were not a very happy time and many of his experiences were later to become the basis of his Rock Opera "Skooldaze" released in 1986.

Mid 1960,s - Began working in acoustic bands with his brothers Ron, Danny, Geoff and Steve. Growing up during the height of the acoustic music folk boom in Sydney, The Drummond brothers were influenced by people like Mike McClellan, Doug Ashdown, Gary Shearston, Marion Henderson, Jeannie Lewis and Margaret Roadknight. The brothers were regulars at gigs featuring Phyl Lobl, The Charade, Warren Fahey and many other folk luminaries.

Ron and his brothers, along with 12 string guitar whiz kid, Fred Pilcher, formed a Folk/Jug Band called "Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom. Fred taught Pat the basics of double thumb ragtime picking and with Pat on a capoed fingerstyle F100 six string Maton, Geoff on a Maton Bindara acoustic Bass and Fred on an open Maton F150 12 string the richly woven sound provided the perfect background to Ron and Danny's lead vocals.

Over time, Pat and Geoff became the main writers for the band while Fred worked overtime as guitar tutor and harmony trainer.

1973 - Applied for and was awarded a teaching scholarship to Westmead Teachers College (eventually The University Of Western Sydney)

Pat began to write and score original orchestral music for Weddings and Masses and set about assembling a 26 piece orchestra called The Haymarket Players expressly for the purpose.

Pat and Peter Hunt wrote and orchestrated masses at St Peter Julian's Catholic Church in the Haymarket for over three years.

In late 1976, Pat went to see Paul Kelly in concert at The Journey's End Wine Bar in Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo. Kelly did not turn up and Pat got the job instead. Seven years later he was still there performing every Sunday.

In the late 70's and early 80's, Pat became renowned for writing what were effectively musical mini-operas that included whole sections scripted for and performed by the crowds.

By 1979 the bars had become too small and Pat moved into the Rock venues. Selina's, Didi's, The Tivoli, The Betsy...few escaped Pat's unique blend of Rock/Humour.

His contribution to the reintroduction of comedy into Rock venues was recognised early by Rodney Rude who invited him to perform at the Comedy Store soon after its inception in early 1980.

Two albums ("What you See is What You Get" & "Pat Drummond") spread his appeal further, but Pat was still looking for opportunities to advance his writing.

In 1983 he began work on the Rock Opera "Skooldaze". An album called "Skooldaze" recorded and produced by Richard Batchens was released in May 1985.

The album was well received but the strains of touring a band as well the financial constraints of keeping such a large operation on the road saw the eventual demise of the concept in mid 1986

In September 1985 Pat was invited to join the Bushwackers as guest guitar player during Tommy Emmanuel's absence, and in January 1986 shared a spectacularly successful East Coast Tour with Redgum.

1986 - Pat and Roger Corbett instituted and organised the Contemporary Acoustic Performers Organisation, also began "Currawong", an acoustic band which attracted considerable and favourable comment in Venues around The Blue.

January 1987 - Teamed with Malcolm McCallum on a nationwide Tour which introduced him to British Singer/Songwriter Ralph McTell. Invited to contribute to the Larrikin compilation album "Never Underestimate the Power of a Song", an album which drew on the talents of Australia's finest writers.

1988 - Staged his 2500th Solo performance. With the decline of the Pub Music circuit in general and his own growing desire to return to concert work it was clear that change was in the wind.

1989 - Release of the Live Double Set "The Age Of Rage - Live At the Rest Hotel"

Signed to Music Sales Publishing Australia in a deal which brought him a substantial advance, enabling him to mount a full studio album the following year.

1990 – Released “Tales from the Local Rag”.

1993 - Joint Winner of Male Vocal of the Year at the Australian Bush Music Festival. "Laughter Like A Shield".

International tours to New Zealand and Japan, and another National tour with England's premier songwriter Ralph McTell.

1996 – Released "Wheels and Wires".

Late 1990’s - Became regular performer at Folk, Bush and Country Music Festivals.

1998 - Pat's long standing interest in spoken word led to a successful association with The Naked Poets. Pat realised The Naked Poets on his Shoestring label and with sales in the tens of thousands nationally it was an overwhelming success.

1999 - Elected to the Board of The Country Music Association of Australia.

2001 - Pat created an astonishing bipolar theatrical metamorphosis “The Chess Set”, two new characters, dressed half in white, half in black with half a beard. Pat began an in-depth musical examination of the political divisions that had emerged throughout Australia in the first half of the current decade. 2002 - Shoestring Records had a roster of 32 albums, was representing 10 acts and was supplying over 600 shops across the breadth of the Australia.

2003 - Pat was inducted into the Australian Country Music Hands of Fame in, the same year that Shoestring was awarded 'Country Music Independent Record Company of the Year' at the gala Industry Achievers Awards in Sydney.

2004 - A double boxed interactive CD which featured 26 new songs, was released

2006 - Pat's live 4 - 1/2 hour one man theatre show from the project featured at The Blue Mountains Folk Festival and The National Folk Festivals released.

2006 - A Series Of Shows to celebrate his 30 Years in the Business were held at Sydney's Harp Hotel. In July 2006 he played his 5,500th gig at Eastside Arts in Paddington.

2007 - Back and solidly touring nationally, as the Gig Guides of the time show. Inevitably the tours brought a welter of brand new journalistic songs.

April 2008 a new duo album with Karen Lynne "The Long Journey Home" hit the ABC airwaves and was immediately embraced by Country Music Broadcasters nationally.

July 2008 Pat's new close harmony three-piece comedy outfit, the BBQ Kings was signed to ABC/Universal. Their first album 'The Fellowship of the Grill' chronicles the triumphs and tragedy of the middle aged male.

2016 - Awards the Tamworth Songwriters' Association Songmake of the Year Award.