Roger CORBETT (1996)

Roger Corbett

Vocals, acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and songwriter for the band Bshwackers

1971 - A group of Melbourne university students gathered to share their love of traditional music, little did they realise that they were establishing a musical ‘institution’.

Having established residencies in Melbourne pubs, the band’s attention quickly turned to Europe where two of their great influences - Fairport Convention and Planxty were leading a folk revival.

1974 - Took off to try their luck. The next 8-10 years were split between extensive tours at ‘home’, and 5 European tours from the band’s base in London. Their debut LP ‘The Shearers’ Dream’ reached No.1 on the Melody Maker Folk Chart. The combination of traditional instruments, electric guitar and bass and the unique percussive drive of the lagerphone, meant they rocked like no other folk band!

Late 70s and early to mid 80s saw the band’s self-promoted Bush Dance Spectaculars attract 2-3,000 people to Town Halls and major venues throughout Australia. The impact of this dance phenomenon saw a single from their (Gold) ‘Dance Album’ reach the No. 14 on Melbourne’s leading commercial Pop/Rock station!

With the addition of drums in 1980, the Bushies entered musical territory previously unexplored in Australia.

The band released two Australian Song Books and two dance books and albums which - to this day, hold sales records. No Aussie school could do without them.

1981 – “Adopted” by country music fans. Golden Guitar for Instrumental of the Year with “Flying Pieman”.

1983 – Mo Awards for Country Group of the Year.

1986 - Mo Awards for Country Group of the Year.

1988 - Mo Awards for Country Group of the Year.

The band’s constant search and reputation for musical excellence saw them attract some of Australia’s best - drummers Robby Ross (Goanna) and Freddie Strauks (Skyhooks), guitar legends Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Housden (Little River Band), Tim Gaze (Ariel, Rose Tattoo) and bassist Pete Farndon who went on to international fame with The Pretenders.

1995 - After decades of relentless touring, the band decided to take a break from the road. The national broadcaster - ABC, marked the occasion with a 1-hour TV special “The Last Dance”. The band continued to record and performs at major festivals and events.

1996 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

In 2007, the band realised a long-held dream, travelling to Nashville for the Australian Festival. The combination of Australian songs and subject matter and Celtic-influenced music proved just as popular with Americans as it had with European fans 30 years earlier!

Roger Corbett is a Golden Guitar winning, highly successful songwriter, with numerous successful chart songs to his credit. His songwriting credits include ‘The Fire Within’ the theme song for the opening of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, ‘Bridge of Love’ the hit song for the 1994 International Year Of The Family and ‘Since Cheryl Went Feral’ the massive chart hit for Jim Haynes. Roger Corbett has been a member of the legendary Bushwackers since 1980. Now in their 37th year and with 19 studio albums behind them, The Bushwackers have an enviable reputation as the premier Australiana band in the world.

Roger was a senior tutor and the Director of The CMAA College of Country Music for eight years. During that time he ran the songwriting course, teaching such stars as Sara Storer, Brooke McClymont and Brendon Walmsley. Roger conducts many workshops and seminars, including the Tamworth Camerata and ‘Songcamp’ around the country, mainly in the craft of songwriting and studio production but encompassing performance, musicianship and music business.

Roger Corbett is a successful Producer of Independent country music recordings emanating from The Valley Studio in the Blue Mountains. He works with many performer/songwriters helping them to achieve success in the Country Music Industry. His artists continue to achieve many milestones, awards and accolades.

Roger is a co-founder/partner in the successful promotions company, Door2Door which promotes and publicises country music artists including John Williamson, Sara Storer, Amos Morris and many other Independent artists.

He continues to perform as part of The Bushwackers and solo at festivals and songwriter concerts and with his duo, The Surebetts.