Lily CONNORS (1978)

Lily Connors

1931 – Born at Cessnock, NSW.

1942 - Age 11 – Discovers that she could yodel. Won a heat of Australia’s Amateur Hour. Performed on live variety shows during the first half at picture theatres.

1946 - Won a radio 2KY (Sydney) competition which led to better shows.

1947 – Age 16 toured for 6 weeks with the Coles Varieties.

1948 – Lily her mother and sister Bonnie travel to America to visit her mother’s family. Lily got her own half hour show on KFI Television in Los Angles billed as “The Girl From Australia”. Joined a government sponsored touring show called “Nations in Review” representing Australia. Offered a Hollywood 5 year starlet contract but turned it down- felt she would be controlled too much by the studio.

1950 – Returned to Australia and was soon a regular on shows organised by Ted Quigg and Tim McNamara.

Recorded on Regal Zonophone. Her version of “Chime Bells” becoming her signature song.

Appeared for 5 years on the 2GB radio program “Bonnington’s Bunkhouse”. Frequently on Bandstand and Reg Lindsay’s country television program.

1962 – Son Alan born. Slowly cut back her performing career.

1972 – Did a short tour with Slim Dusty. This was her last major stint.

1978 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.