Lynette & Virginia


Virginia born on January 1st.

Lynette born on October 21st.

Originally from Hawker in the isolated northern outback of SA, THE COAD SISTERS now reside in NSW.

Multi talented musicians and songwriters, Virginia and Lynette started performing as the Coad Sisters fulltime in 1989.

COAD SISTERS as a popular duo act then joined PETER COAD as PETER COAD and The COAD SISTERS and have successfully carved a fulltime career in music not only multi-instrumentalists and performing artists but also songwriters.

The Coad Sisters have five CD releases "Times In Your Life", "Pictures", "Talk Of The Town", "Front Row Ticket", and their current album "Endless Highway", plus one cassette released under the Blue Jayne Duo title.

They have recorded 3 combined albums with their brother Peter under 'Peter Coad & The Coad Sisters' : 'Home Again..", 'The Road We Travel", and 'The Road Of Song".

Since 1998 they have operated their own recording studio. 

In conjunction with South Australian legend Jim Hermel the girls have recorded under the name of RUNAWAY DIXIE, an album entitled 'Golden Mile" which featured Bluegrass, Gospel and country Ballads, and they present this act at Festivals around Australia. The title track took out the TSA 'Gospel Song Of The Year' in 2010.They will release another album under RUNAWAY DIXIE in mid 2013.

THE COAD SISTERS also recorded with Jim Hermel under the name of JIM HERMEL & THE HOT CHIX  and album "Keep a'rockin" which featured many classic rock n roll songs of the 1950's.

They also tour with this act as well, They will release another album under that name mid 2013.

COAD SISTERS also ventured into the classic rock/blues scene under the name of INDIGO JUNCTION. They recorded an album "Devil's Train", and enlisted a drummer, and as a trio became a very sort after and respected band, performing at many major events. 

Despite their personal band interests, COAD SISTERS have continued to tour solidly with Peter Coad as PETER COAD & THE COAD SISTERS, doing their 'original' and 'country' style at venues and major festivals around Australia. 

COAD SISTERS have achieved numerous awards and finalists spots in Songwriting and Touring over their career. 

"I think embracing the different styles of music original and covers in the bands along the way under different band names, working to different music audiences, has been very healthy for us," Virginia said, "Not only has it created variety and inspiration in our lives,  it has broadened our musical horizons,  made us appreciate other genres of music. Music at the end of the day is a trade, and like any other trade, the more knowledge on all levels you have, the more chance of being successful at it. "

Success though that has not come without long years of touring, and working as a dedicated team, with a great deal of their lives spent somewhere out on the road.

"The harder you work the luckier you get, that saying is pretty much true, I think. Although we may have missed a few major opportunities in our lives by doing music full time, and being already booked. There are advantages in being just part time I think it that regard. You can pick and choose what you do, but doing it full time overall we have no regrets. Touring with our music is something we never get tired of. Every tour is something we look forward to, and every album we endeavour to embrace with energy. At this time in our lives, we are working festivals and tours  and pretty much flat out, so I guess music has been and continues to be a good thing for us. We try to keep an open mind, always look to tomorrow, work with change, and keep moving forward with a positive light. I think that is what has kept us going when times have been tough. Where there's a will there's a way as they say. Whilst ever there is another show to do we shall be there doing it."

COAD SISTERS Performance/Experience Includes The BIRDSVILLE RACES, SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, ADELAIDE and MELBOURNE ROYAL SHOWS, BRISBANE WORLD EXPO 88, COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVALS throughout Australia, extensive TV ADVERTISED CONCERT TOURS through NSW, VIC, WA, SA, CLUBS, PUBS, RODEOS, and AG SHOWS, and touring isolated outback regions. TV appearances include: 'Country Today' and internationally which included appearances at the Carter Family Theatre, the Smith Bros Theatre, USA and live world wide radio interview out of Nashville.

In conjunction with Peter Coad they appeared at the Optus Gympie Muster in 2012 and will be on stage at the Muster again in 2013 as PETER COAD & THE COAD SISTERS as well as other major festival appearances around the nation.