Peter COAD OAM (2007)

Peter Coad

1948 – Born on the 20th March at Hawker in South Australia. His parents played Old Time dance music for local events.  He was one of seven children, all are successful entertainers. Growing up in the isolated area of South Australia gave him the inspiration to write about Australia and its characters. In the early days he was inspired by Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Slim Dusty and other “hillbilly” artists.

Early education was via correspondence with the “School of the Air” wherein the pupils talked to the teacher based in Pt Augusta via two way radio. One of the first pupils to use the network in 1958.

1961 - First Live Show appearance was on the Bob Fricker Show, when he toured the Flinders Ranges area of SA.

1963 - Appeared on 5AU Pt Augusta SA on “Yodel and Smile”.

1979 – As the Coad Bros (with brothers Phil and Trevor) released their first album “In Ford Country”. The “Ford Anniversary Song” being used in a Documentary by Leyland Brothers.

It was at this stage they started to take their music seriously and begin working at venues around SA and also the Tamworth festival in the very early eighties.

Coad Bros (Phil, Trevor and Peter) and Big Mal Coad were the first electrified music in the Tamworth festival streets at night. Police had to close Peel Street traffic because of the crowd we had in front of Frenches Café.

1984 – Released the album Coad Bros – “Coad Bros Country”. This was recorded with his brother Trevor at Hadley’s in Tamworth with Lindsay Butler as engineer. This again was a successful original album with songs such as “The Pichi Richi Train”, and “Lonely House”. With brothers Mal, Trevor and Philip performed on the main stage at the Gympie Muster.

1986 - Coad Bros – “Halley's Comet”, in conjunction with the Coonabarabran Observatory Tourist Association. This album was also recorded at Hadley Studios in Tamworth and coincided with the return of the Halley’s Comet. A video clip of our band was made.

1987 – Released his first solo album “PETER COAD - Vol 1”, recorded with Roy Cooper in Sydney.

1988 - Released a cassette of all time favourites, “Peter Coad – Requested”, recorded at Chris McCusker’s Studio in Bathurst. Appeared at the BRISBANE WORLD EXPO.

1991 - Released a four track EP ‘Barcaldine Shearing’. Recorded at Ross McGregor’s Axcent Studios Sydney, this EP was part of the commemorations at the Barcaldine Centenary celebrations at that time. Major TV interviews followed the EP release.

1993 – Released the “Rainbow Road” also recorded at Ross McGregor’s Axcent Studios in Sydney. This album spawned “Riding Out The Storm”, “If Only I Was Young”, which scored quite a few finalists in various awards. At this stage he was now working in conjunction with his sisters Virginia and Lynette as a combined act of “Peter Coad and the Coad  Sisters”.

They performed at Ag Shows, Camp Drafts, Clubs, pubs and festivals and outback communities around Australia, clocking up around 80,000ks on the road a year.

The band was also performing TV promoted tours of WA, Qld and SA in conjunction with an international floorshow act – “The Vandeleur’s – Whips Of Australia”.

They also had a segment filmed with “It’s Country Today” in Sydney.

They also involved in TV advertised concert tours with brother Big Mal Coad, throughout NSW, and Victoria through these years.

1997 - Released an album of all Bush Verse, recorded at Day One Studios, produced by Coad Sisters.

1998 – The album “Bush Verse” scored a finalist place in the Bush Laureate award.

1999 - Released the album “Face of Australia” recorded at Day One Studios, produced by Coad Sisters, which attracted further finalists in TIARA and TSA.

At this point they were touring intensely, but family health issues saw the band relax the touring schedule and spend time closer to home.

2000 - Excellence award at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards for Australian Bush Ballad Vocalist.

The inaugural President of Australian Bush Balladeers Association, he still holds this position in 2013.

2003 - PETER COAD & the COAD SISTERS - "Home Again" August

2005 - PETER COAD & the COAD SISTERS – “The Road We Travel” released April. NSW Gold Medallion Awards – Touring Artists of the Year (with The Coad Sisters).

2007 - PETER COAD – “Outback Chapters” – May. Inducted into the Tamworth Hands Of Fame.

2012 - Recipient of Album of the Year for, 'Old Bush Mates', Bungendore Country Muster Awards.

2015 - Inducted into the South Australian Country Music Hall of Fame. Recipient of Album of the Year for 'Music Highway' and Comedy Song of the Year for 'Cooper's Run', Bungendore Country Muster Awards.

2017 - Awarded Medal (OAM) Of The Order Of Australia in the General Division for service to the performing arts, particularly to country music.