Andrew CLERMONT (2003)

Andrew Clermont

1961 - Born on June 5th, in Adelaide, South Australia.

1967 – From watching his brother & sister learning music, Andrew was soon singing The Seekers songs at infant school in Adelaide. A few years tuition, a "Guitar Favourites" record from the folks, "The Ventures" from sister and "Dark Side of the Moon" /"Led Zeppelin" from brother; add 9th year English teacher, Geoff Bridgland's, introduction to Bluegrass and the seeds were sown.
University studies of Mechanical Engineering, Moomba Gas & Oil Sites,

1983 – Toured with Brian Young

1984 - National Flat-pick (Bluegrass) Guitar Champion

1985 – Released “Homegrown" (Played everything multi track Solo). Recorded as the Three Chord Wonders with Lawrie Minson & John Green - released "Try Change” (Record/ Cass & Late 90s Collectors CD LTD Edition). National Flat-pick (Bluegrass) Guitar Champion

1986 - Produced Brian Young's "Big Fella Wudumbah"

1987 - Released “Homegrown Vol. 2” (Played everything multi track Solo). National Flat-pick (Bluegrass) Guitar Champion

1989 - Produced Cedar Creek's "From the Heart. Produced & played bass on The Trailblazers (Harry Trails & Bob Blazers!) -self titled - Comedy album.

1990 - Produced with Paul Henderson and member to, BackBeat (Rockin' Bluegrass) "...the sessions" (Tamworth Underground Tapes Vol 1). CD re-release in 1997. Produced & played on Bob Stewart's "Mountains of Queenstown" Cass1990.

1991 - Produced & played on Brian Winter's "Jesus was a Swaggie" CD/ Cassette.
1992 -Overseas tour to Spain for the World Expo.

1993 - Produced & played on Liz Crago's "Homeward" CD/ Cassette.

1995 - Produced & played on Bill Murray's "Children of the Dreamtime" CD. Tour of Sweden, Norway, Austria and his family's homeland, Germany; closely followed by a UK tour with Norma O'Hara Murphy.

1996 - Collaboration on "Didgeridoo Interludes" with Alistar Black, Stephan Richter & Craig Lauritson.
Member of Fiddlers Festival - "Live” CD with Ray Schloeffel, Marcus Holden, Mark Oats, Carolyn Trengrove, George Washingmachine. Spent four months performing in Taiwan

1997 - Solo & friends “The Longing” CD.

1998 - “Terra Australis” Self titled (originally FowlHouse Jack). 1998 began with an Indian music perfomance at Woodford World Music Festival with Dya Singh - international perfomers from Adelaide SA.

1997 - Produced and member to BLUEGRASS – Made In Taiwan : Live & Stormy – featuring Jenny Lester (Canada), Daryl (Jack ) Melbourne & Clermont. (Official Bootleg!) Recorded 1997 Released 2000

1999 - Producer of “Healing & Meditation”, from partner Pauline - ‘Songs for the Soul’ and now on Video as well, featuring Pauline’s Art designs. Won of the Battle of the BushBands  as FowlHouse Jack. South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

2000 - Partnership in the Instrumental movie style adventure “Dance of the Good Life” Dueling with the amazing Parris MacLeod (piano/drums/bass). Member to Totally Gourdgeous debut CD with Penelope Swales, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo. A Crash Course to Fiddling (or Mandolin/Didgeridoo/Guitar) Freedom VIDEO. Won of the Battle of the BushBands as Terra Australis

2001 - Member to Dya Singh “Bandagi”  World Music Group with Dya Singh, Keith Preston, Dheeraj Shrestra, Parvyn, Jamel & Harsel Kaur & Quentin Eyers. Musicianship Award Inaugural Frances Folk Gathering

2002 - Partnership in “Happy As Larry” Clermont & Parris Macleod. Violin & Piano duets. Instrumentals of Celtic to New Age flavour. Fiddlers Festival - Live in Japan 2002 DVD. Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention 20 Year Celebration 2002 VIDEO.

2002 - Member to Fiddlers Festival “Strung Out” - Holden, Clermont, Oats, Clare O'Meara & Garry Steel.
Member to Dya Singh “300”. Member to Fiddlers Festival -"Live in Japan". Member to Totally Gourdgeous “D’vine”. Producer of “Let the Sun in You Shine Through” - Pauline . A Healing CD with meditation based on recovering from Abuse 2002

2003 - Producer of “Child of Light” – Pauline . A Red Indian (First Nation) style meditation journey with cedar flute, healing drum & chanting. Director of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Oct 2003 - Official Bootleg. Member to The Lawnmowers - "The Good Road" . Totally Gourdgeous “ Live Cuts from the Vine” 2003 VID/DVD

2004 - Member to Fiddlers Festival - “Get Reel”. The Supper Club Hightlights 2004 VIDEO

2005 - Member to Totally Gourdgeous - "Stroke of Midnight". Member to Fiddlers Festival - "Friendzy".
Member to Dya Singh - "Live 2005". The Supper Club 2005 DVD series - 13 DVDs, up to 3 camera angles and up close on stage.

2 ½ hour show celebrating the 100th birthday of Bendemeer's wooden Bridge with a world of folk at the old Hall raising funds for their 3 phase power. Joined by Belinda Wamsley on wonderful harmony vocals.

2006 - Member to The Lawnmowers "Second Cut".
2007 - The Bazaar Clips - Totally Gourdgeous - Woodford 2007/8

2002 - Won of the Battle of the BushBands as “Terra Australis”.

2006 - Musicianship Award Frances Folk Gathering Best Instrumentalist

2003 - Heritage Award (Mildura CM Festival) as Terra Australis

1999 - South Australian Country Music Festival Awards- Inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The last 8 years have seen Andrew Clermont’s International Supper Club grow to full swing with artists from Tibet, Italy & Nepal to Texas, Oklahoma & Taiwan and many of Australia’s own unique Voice to Dance & Instrumentalists presented. Andrew is delighted to have this ‘Fringe Festival’ (15 shows!) develop in his home town - via the Tamworth Country Music Festival with also May & Oct versions.