Dick CARR (1985)

Dick Carr

1911 – Born in Melbourne. His family belonged to a religious organisation that did not approve of music.

1927 – Age 16 he got a guitar but had to practice in secret. He sang in the Jimmie Rodgers style to his own style of accompaniment.

Worked with jazz and dance bands. Also learnt the steel guitar.

Toured Tasmania with a dance band.

1939 – Moved to Sydney and started working with Norm Scott’s Hawaiian Club. Toured for 18 months with Tex Morton as one of the original “Roughriders Band”. (Tex made three recording sessions with the Roughriders between 1941 and 1943).

Returned to Sydney after the tour and worked in nightclubs.

1947 – Played backing guitar on the recording sessions for Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn and Donn Reynolds.

1948 - Backed Tim McNamara on his recording sessions.

1951 – With Herbie Marks formed the Herbie Marks Trio and Herbie Marks Quintet and backed a number of artists on their recordings.

1952 – Ron Wills, from EMI, talked Dick Carr into forming a semi-permanent studio band to back artists. The 18th December was the first recording featuring Dick Carr and his Buckaroos as the backed the LeGarde Twins. The original Buckaroos consisted of Dick Carr on rhythm and steel, George Golla on lead, Gordon Scott on fiddle, Reg Robinson on bass and Tommy Spencer on drums.

For nearly 10 years Dick Carr and His Buckaroos backed EMI artists