Rocky CAMERON (2005)

Rocky Cameron

1944 - Born Vernon Hugh Cameron on December 27th in Sydney.

At nine months of age, Rocky Cameron became known as the “Yodelling Baby.”

He actually taught himself to yodel before he could talk!

1952 – At 8 year old he made his singing debut on Australia’s Amateur Hour.

He also sang live on Sydney radio stations, appeared on country music concerts.

1953 - He made his only recording “My Mum and Dad” and “My Mother’s Prayer”. Both songs written by Ken Taylor He maybe the youngest artist to record on 78’s.

Continued to appear on country concerts as well as touring for a number of weeks with Ashtons Circus.

1956 – With the introduction of television in Australia he entered the first televised talent quest.

1967 – Appeared on a televised Australian Amateur hosted by Terry Dear. He was then offered a contract by Bobby Limb to appear with Bobby and Shirley Bassey for a month on the show “The Rhythm Express” at the Tivoli Theatre in Sydney.

Up until he left school he regularly appeared on country concerts, with his siblings Nerril and Ian as “The Western Stars”, appearing with artist such as Frank Ifield, Johnny Ashcroft, Kedvin King, Reg Lindsay.

After leaving school he performed mainly at private functions with only occasional appearances on country music concerts.

1990 – Moved to Tamworth where he had more time to devote to his music and toured with “Tamworth On Parade”.

He released two albums – “Me and My Guitar” and a gospel “Ready To Go”.

2001 – Moved from Tamworth and settled in western New South Wales.

2005 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2016 - Passed away on the 9th of August.