Bernie BURNETT (1995)

Bernie Burnett

1923 –Born Bernice Verl Perring on the 17th January in Grafton. Her family was musical with her father playing the concertina and her mother sang in concerts. From the age two she was encouraged to play the piano.

1930 – At the age of 8 she sat her first piano exam.

1932 – Her father became unemployed and the family moved to Burra Creek, inland from Coffs Harbour.

1933 – Family returned to Grafton.

1936 – First met Buddy Williams.

1937 – With Buddy in Sydney to meet Arch Kerr who suggest she use the name Bernie Burnett.

1939 – Moved to Sydney. Travelled with Buddy and appeared with him in Brisbane and Adelaide.

1940 – Married Buddy on the 9th of January in Adelaide.

 Moved to Melbourne after the Adelaide show finished. Moved to Sydney and joined the Ashton’s Circus. Joined other travelling  shows as well as shows by Buddy.

1941 – Recorded “When the Candle Lights are Gleaming” and “Lets Grow Old Together”.

1943 – Recorded “Sunny Australian Sweetheart” and “Stockmen in Uniform” with Buddy.

1945 – Divorced Buddy.

1952 – Married John Worthy.

Moved to Mt Gravatt. Did some performing in the area.

1989 - Recorded on an album Queensland Country Style the tracks “Under the Old Wattle Tree” and You Can Never Do Wrong in a Mothers Eyes”. Recorded on Sun Records “Lets Grow Old Together”, “When the Candle Lights are Gleaming”, “Stockmen in Uniform” and Brown Eyed Sweetheart of Mine”.

1992 - Recorded on an album Queensland Country Style the tracks “Your Photograph”, “You and Me” and “Waltzing with You”.

1995 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.