Geoff BROWN (1979)

Geoff Brown

1929 – Born February 3rd inTamworth.

1944 – Age 15, started work carting coal dust from the Tamworth Power Station with a horse and dray.  Later worked for the gas company as a stoker.

1951 – November 10, won the Tamworth P and A Association Northern Championship Rodeo Talent Quest.

1953 –Commenced almost 40 year career with Lillyman’s Soft Drinks, retiring in 1992.

1953 –Marries Beryl Costelloe, have four children, Gary, Darryl, Cheryl and Greg, all involved in music.

The barman at the Nemingha Hotel asked Geoff to entertain on a Saturday night.  It was a three month regular gig for Geoff and Ivan Grills who played piano accordion all for a grand total of “a quid a night”.

1964 – The late Joe Maguire asked Geoff to sing at his pub.  He teamed up with Gloria Hickman and drummer Arnold Mullins and later Michael Cooke.  He was the first person to bring a music group to Joe’s, the first venue for Country Music in Tamworth.

1963 – February 13, Geoff recorded three singles with RCA plus his own compositions “You Lost Your Chance, “Lionel Rose the Champion”.

1966 –Founding member of the MCMA (Modern Country Music Association) Tamworth branch and elected Vice President in 1967.

1969 – Appeared on the “Reg Lindsay National Country Music Hour”.

1970s – Recorded two EP’s with Hadley Label, formed the Geoff Brown Show Band which, featured his son Gary, vocalist Margaret Carmichael and Michael Cooke with nephew Rob Brown on bass guitar.

1971 – Guided the MCMA clubs change to the “Capital Country Music Association” (CCMA) and remained active in the organisation.

1971–74 – Recorded at Hadley’s, “North to Alaska”, “The Man From Timbuktu”, “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog”, “The Other Half of Me”

1979 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1981 – The show band had their final show in Guyra on New Years Eve.

2000 – August 21, Geoff Brown passed away at Tamworth Base Hospital from complications arising from lung disease.