Jewel BLANCH 1979)

Jewel Blanch

1958 – Jewel Blanch was born on March 4, the daughter of Arthur and Berice Blanch.

From a toddler Jewel showed that she was musical.  Sometimes she would invite herself up on stage and dance around and sing along with her parents.

1961 – At the age of 3 in Brisbane, she appeared on the Coca Cola TV Show on Channel 9 singing and playing her own ukulele.

1962 – When she was 4 years of age, The Blanch Family were signed to W & G label in Melbourne.  They recorded a song written for Jewel “I Wanta Stay on Jumbo” and a duet with her father with “On Accounts I Love You”.  "Jumbo" was an instant success and became a national hit. Jewel was the youngest recording artist in the world.

 1963 – Jewel and her family went to the United States.  Jewel started school while her parents knocked on doors in Hollywood.

The Blanch Family having been on CBS TV led to Jewel being booked on the “Art Linkletter Show”. She was such a novelty, many letters poured in and she was invited back the next month.

1965 – The family came back to Australia.

1966 – At the age of 8, Jewel was contracted to EMI to record 4 songs for the HMV Label.  In December, Jewel performed her song “The Funny Little Voice” on the Barry Crocker Show. Jewel was featured in The Junior Bandstand Show on Channel 9. Jewel was taking lessons in dancing with jazz, tap, ballet and piano lessons.  Her mother took her to television auditions.  Jewel started landing plum rolls in: the Lassie television series, Bonanza, Night Gallery, Mod Squad, etc.

1971 – Jewel was chosen over several American girls to play an important role in a big budget movie to be filmed in England.  The movie was Baffled.

After outgrowing her Australian correspondence courses, Jewel attended University High School in West Los Angeles.  She later moved to New Horizons Hollywood Professional School.

1974 – Producer Jack Daugherty, who found The Carpenters, offered Jewel a production deal.  She later recorded for RCA.

Jewel turned down the lead in The Exorcist with no regrets.  She was sought after to do 6 episodes in Australia’s Young Doctors as Abbie Singleton, a singer.  She sang her own composition “Will I Ever Learn” and did well on the Australian charts.  Jewel was also in the running with Olivia Newton-John to play “Sandy” in Grease.

1979 – The family moved back home to Australia.  Jewel was inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1981 – Jewel and Arthur released “The Lady and the Cowboy”.

1982 – Jewel and Arthur were awarded for album of the year for “The Lady and the Cowboy”.  Jewel also received the award for Best Female Vocalist with her own composition “I Can Love You”.

1984 - Jewel and her husband moved to Nashville to live and opened a management and publishing company called Ten Ten.

1992 - Offered Keith Urban a publishing deal which helped to kick start his career in America.

Jewel Blanch has a lot to be credited for.  Her achievements go on and you can read about Jewel and her family in their autobiography “Wollun One-The Story of the Blanch Family”.  The book is filled with a lot of photos of what they have achieved and done to other country artists they have performed with. 

Some other movies in which Jewel has played: Climb an Angry Mountain, The Morning After, The Honourable Sam Houston, Against a Crooked Sky, Blind Sunday, Death Takes a Holiday, as well as the television shows, Fantasy Island and Class of 65.