Berice BLANCH (1998)

Berice Blanch

1954 – February. Married Arthur Blanch in Glen Innes

1958 - March 4 daughter Jewel born.

1962 - Recorded “Meet the  Blanch Family” for W&G Records.

1963 – December, Travelled to America and stayed for all of 1964.

1965-1968 - Spent the three years working the NSW Club circuit and television scene.

1968 - Travelled as the chief entertainers on the “SS Australis” world cruise. On their return they went back to the states The Blanch Family spent 10 years in America.

1969 - The Capitol record’s, Hollywood signed the Blanch Family and renamed them the Blanch’s.

1970’s – Arthur as solo and “The Blanch’s “(trio) were based in Los Angeles and toured and performed across the USA.

1978 - The Blanch Family visit Tamworth for the ACM Awards. Arthur is inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1979 – Wound down their American operation to settle back in Australia.  Jewel was inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth.

1980 – Settled near Brisbane and commuted to the USA to complete contracts.

1981 – Arthur and Jewel are signed to CBS Record, Australia and then released “The Lady and the Cowboy” album. They then make the Video for “The Lady and the Cowboy” to go with the album.

1987 – Arthur and Berice based in Nashville. Arthur tours, performs and records across the USA.

1998 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2000 - Released the album “The Blanch Family in the 60’s”.  Returned to Australia and based themselves in Brisbane.