Alwyn AURISCH (2015)

Alwyn Aurisch

Early 1980's - part of the "Craz" band which toured with Jon English, Men at Work, John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes. They toured Australia for 4 years.

1987 - Joined with Michael Roycroft as his musical director and spent several years touring Australia and Pacific Islands.

 At this time he was also house guitarist, Musical Director or producer for The Beat N Track, Enrec and LBS record labels.

Early 1990's - Produced the Golden Guitar winning song for the Crosby Sisters. Became the musical director for the Coca Cola shows in the Hands of Fame Park and Buttercup Open House during the Tamworth Country Music festival.

1992 - Was the music al director for Tamworth On Parade" as it toured NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. He then moved to Brisbane where he continued to work as music director on a number of projects including Warner Bros Movie World.

On returning to Tamworth he was in high demand as a music teacher, recording session music, record producer, part of the backing band for a number of shows during the Tamworth festival, which included the Roll of Renown concerts.

2015 - Inducted into the Hands of Fame.