John ASHE (1978)

John Ashe

1907 – John Harold Ashe was born on the 4th of September in Drummoyne, Sydney. Learnt the piano as a child, which fostered his interest in classical music.

1938 – Wrote his first song.

1956 – Slim Dusty and Chad Morgan met John and both recorded a number of his songs over the years. His song “Growin’ the Golden Fleece” was very popular

1957 - Wrote “Harry The Breaker” which was recorded by Slim Dusty.

1964 - John wrote Townsville’s centenary song “Queen City of the North”.

1968 – Wrote a book of musical poems and was made a “Fellow Of The International Academy Of Poets”, Cambridge, England.

1975 - Chad Morgan released an LP ‘Chad Morgan Sings John Ashe’ as Slim Dusty had done previously.  

1978 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

1988 - Selected as an interesting Australian for the l988 Australian Bicentennial series Yarn Spinners, he was taped in  Townsville  community radio station  4TTFM recalling various events,  including World War 1 peace celebrations in Townsville .

Over the years John has written many songs. 10 published by Southern Music, 51 by Nicholson’s and 21 by Castle music.

His material was recorded on EMI, RCA, Festival, W & G and other labels by many artists.

He recorded 7 albums of his own material with such titles as “Good Old Country Style”, “Game as Ned Kelly”.

Many of his songs had a uniquely Australian sense of humour. These were written as a protest against the “rubbish” that was being played on the radio at the time. These songs pre-empted the Australian ocker image. Whilst John did not perform publicly he still had good sales of his records.

1994 – Passed away on the 24th of December.

Over the years John Ashe has written many Aussie comical songs. He couldn’t get anyone to record his songs so he decided to record his own songs of Aussie humour. Many of his songs were well known around Australia including ‘Growin’ The Golden Fleece’.

Over the years John had written hundreds of Aussie comical songs, although he couldn’t find anyone to record them. Hence the reason he had started recording his own comedy songs through EMI. His song ‘The Beer, Boys, Is Here” was believed to be the true sequel to ‘A Pub With No Beer’ made famous by the late Slim Dusty, and like ‘The Pub’ he had also used the old time tune ‘Beautiful Dreamer’.