Gavan ARDEN (2012)

Gavan Arden

1939 – Born on September 20th in Warragul. Grew up in Rokeby, a timber milling town and soon developed a love of all things country.

1955 – Given his first guitar and learnt to play the songs of his favourite artists, Wilf Carter, Tex Morton, Buddy Williams.

1956 - Left home and worked on properties in western NSW and began entertaining around the shearing sheds.

He returned home to the Gippsland area in Victoria and worked at a number of different occupations, but still continued with his music, which resulted in him being introduced to Vern Haycock of radio 3UL. This lead to a trial as a radio announcer.

1963 – The Gavan Arden Show commenced on station 3UL in August. This weekly country music show lasted for 8 years. As well as helping to promote local artists there were also guest appearances by all of the well known artists of that time. He also conducted a number of charity concerts in the local area.

As television started to become more popular he appeared on the local television station as well as on Graham Kennedy’s “In Melbourne Tonight”. This lead to Gavan appearing in many of the local TV dramas being produced in Melbourne- Homicide, Division 4, Bellbird, Cop Shop etc as well as in two movies.

During all of this he continued to perform with his own trio and toured throughout Victoria and even up to Tamworth.

1968 – Made his first record as a custom release that was recorded at Hadley Studios in Tamworth. He later formed his own label.

1971 – Toured with Slim Dusty.

1972 – Moved to Queensland and recorded under the stage name of “Jim Brumby” and released recording on a number of labels. Toured most of Queensland. Became a regular performed on Brisbane produced shows such as hosted by Paul Sharrat, John Crook and Reg Lindsay.

Mid 1970’s - For nearly 2 years he hosted his own weekly segment on SEQ8 from Maryborough.

Early 1990’s – Returned to the Gippsland area in Victoria and reverted to his own name. He continued to perform around the area and was now accompanied by his son Bryan on bass guitar.

Gavan also wrote a number of songs and he had a sensitive approach to his writing about the Australian bush.

1999 – His composition “Burnt Out and Dried Up Old Ringers” won the “Best Independent Artist Award” for “Best Bush Ballad” in Tamworth. He also won this award again in 2008.

2012 – Inducted into the Hands of Fame.

2015 – Passed away on April 15th.